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Happy New Year! 

Yeah, yeah I know we’re already eight days in but one of my resolutions is to just be a little more relaxed about always being EARLY for everything. (Actually, that’s a lie. I would NEVER be able to change that about myself. Sorry KJ, how excited were you for a second there?)

Tomorrow is the SECOND anniversary of Who Needs a Nap? so thank you for continuing to read and comment (…even though most of you don’t. Maybe that could be your New Year’s resolution? Just saying.)

I’m gathering my thoughts for blog posts right now. I’d like to write about some “bigger” parenting issues that interest us (or is it just me?) like…

  • Simplifying our lives and why that’s a challenge
  • How much should we push our kids? (Academically, athletically, etc… this just seems like a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately.)
  • and THIS (very thought-provoking article about philanthropy)

… and of course, I’ll continue to make light of our parenting struggles (by which I mean, I’ll make fun of my kids). As always, I welcome your input. As long as it’s positive and complimentary, I’d love to hear your feedback. And ideas. And insights. And knock-knock jokes.

BUT given that I don’t have any coherent thoughts on any of those big things right now, I’m going to share some of my random thoughts about the holidays and about winter in general. And in honor of Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show and in general, being my favorite person right now, I’m also going to hashtag the hell out of them.

(You have seen THIS, right? If not, go ahead… I’ll wait.)

So, we’re one week into 2014 and I feel like all I’ve done is put Christmas presents and decorations away. #lookspretty  #itsovergetitout  #holidayrecoveryisbrutal

I had a SERIOUS fight with our tree this year. I was determined to take it down and it was determined to KILL ME. As I told my friends, I ultimately won the war, but I still have some battle scars to show for it.  #shouldhavewornshoes  #brokenornamentswillcutyourshitup  #boycottingarborday

We had a really, really great holiday season but I swear it does take a long time and a lot of effort to get the house back to normal. Last year, we had presents on our dining room table in MARCH, so I vowed to be better about that this year.  #presentfreebyfebruary!   #diningroomsfordining  #notreally  #onlyonceayear  #butstill


This photo was taken last March. #notthisyear

So, the weather has been WEIRD… am I right? We had a white Christmas. Then we went to Florida and it was chilly. Then we came home just in time for the snowstorm. Then the next day it was 50° and rainy. Then it DROPPED 50° and now it’s hovering around 12°. #wtf  #thatglobalwarmingshitsreal  #butitsnotalwayswarm?  #shouldbecalledcrazyassweatherinstead

My kids went back to school yesterday after two weeks off and the angels sang. #hallelujah  #hallelujah  #hallelujahhallelujahhallelujah

The Loud One will tell you that her favorite Christmas presents are the giant stuffed panda from Santa and her two new hermit crabs. Yes, we got more pets. #atleasttheyrenotrodents

But the evidence shows that the only present she REALLY likes is the stuffed puppy from Uncle Tom and Aunt Susan. She’s played with it non-stop since Christmas Day. She even hid it in her backpack to bring to school yesterday. #plushcontraband  #stuffedisbetterthanalive

The Nibbit opted to donate most of his Christmas presents this year. Lest you think it’s because he’s so selfless in nature, you should know he said, “I’m giving these all away because I only like to play cards and games and chess.” #areyoulisteningsanta? #powerrangerswereawasteofmoney #imeanelveshardwork

Happy Dude continues to play ONLY with cars and trucks. Santa has learned an important lesson this year. #kidhasonlyoneinterest #carsandtrucksforever!

It’s just a year-long vicious cycle… every morning I’m either fighting with my kids about sunblock or mittens. #parentingequalsgroundhogday

I had to order Happy Dude a new winter hat immediately because his doesn’t fit anymore. #hugenoggin #hasownweathersystem #soimarriedanaxemurderer #suchafunnymovie #dudehowoldareyou?

Before I bought the hat, I decided to actually measure his head. I used this measuring tape; it was my Mom’s and it really makes me smile. But the strangest thing is that it’s always where I need it to be. #ghostmommovesstuff?  Oh and also, #kidhasagianthead

#deskdrawerbasementkitchen #younameititsthere

#deskdrawerbasementkitchen #younameititsthere

I hope everyone’s 2014 is off to a good start. Personally, I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions. I’m perfect just the way I am. #mymomtoldmeso  #32yearsagobutstickingtoit









PS. I wish my desk chair had a seat warmer like my car does. #hasthisbeeninvented? #willsomeonebuymeone? #myassiscold #ispendtoomuchtimeinmydeskchair