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Move over, Halloween


November is Gratitude Month, so here’s something I’m happy about…

Halloween Season is over! Call me the Halloween Grinch if you will, but it’s simply not my favorite holiday. In fact, it falls far down on the list way under Arbor Day (love the trees!), Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th… you’re welcome) and Stress Awareness Day (which is tomorrow, by the way… so if you aren’t already aware of your stress, you should pay attention to it tomorrow).

He loves the trees, too.

Huge Arbor Day fan

When I was a kid, there was ONE day of Halloween; you wore your costume to school and then went trick-or-treating at night. Done and done.

This year, our family had three parties, two school events, a book costume parade (hence the Lorax above) and two separate rounds of trick-or-treating.  I applied Loud One’s green face paint SIX times… which meant that I had to REMOVE it six times! And of course the removal part got progressively harder with each application. (It’s been five days since the last application and she still looks a little nauseous.)

She may actually still be nauseous because she ate all these Oreos. Just kidding. She ate half.

She may actually still be nauseous because she ate all these Oreos. Just kidding. She ate half.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for all the grown-ups who plan the parties and parades, because my kids LOVE them. (Well, LO and the Nibbit love them, Happy Dude could take them or leave them. He was fine with a hand-me-down costume, was a little bored at the parties and he only trick-or-treated to three houses before declaring, “I’m done. I want to eat this candy now.”)

Is it over yet?

Is it over yet?

What? I've got four pieces of candy here… I'm good.

What? Let those suckers keep walking. I’ve got four pieces of candy here… I’m good.

It’s possible that all the sugar I consume during the Halloween season makes me cranky. Or maybe it’s the teenager that rings the bell at 9:30pm with NO COSTUME ON!* Come on, that’s not trick-or-treating, that’s begging! And it’s just sad. Dude, it’s time to retire the pillowcase.

*This actually happened in my neighborhood, but not to me. Probably because we turn into… well, um, pumpkins… at 9:00pm and turn our lights off.

By 9:01pm on October 31st, I’m over it. It’s time to move on to bigger and better things.


You know how Starbucks already has their winter/holiday cups out and Target is airing Christmas commercials and CVS has already dedicated their two center aisles to lights, ornaments and other random Santa decor? And you know how this really pisses people off and they start spewing mad words like “Christmas stuff already? We just finished Halloween for Pete’s sake! What about Thanksgiving? Blah blah Angry Stuff!”

Well, I LOVE IT.

The commercialization of Christmas cannot come soon enough for me. I’ve already started shopping, programmed the holiday station back onto my satellite radio presets and am thinking about our Random Acts of Kindness plan for this year. I’d put my tree up now if I didn’t think it would burst into flames a full month before the actual holiday.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, people! Why wouldn’t we make it a few weeks longer?! And that “What about Thanksgiving?” argument is STUPID! I say what ABOUT Thanksgiving?? Can’t we enjoy turkey and stuffing WHILE singing Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer? I know I can!

And I promise, I can still feel thankful for stuff while watching Rudolph and Frosty!

In fact, I’m thankful for the Rudolph and Frosty DVDs!

I’m thankful for the Rudolph and Frosty DVDs!

So I say, bring on the Christmas Magic*… I AM READY!

*This does not include snow. Snow is not magic; snow is a detriment. I am NOT ready for the snow. Eff the snow.

This is my house right now. No, not really. But I wish it was.