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Don’t Whisper “Gay!”


Given the onslaught of all the red boxes on Facebook the past couple days I thought I would share my thoughts about gay marriage.

I fully support it.

I don’t really understand people who do not.

I believe that there is nothing more hypocritical than a person arguing that homosexuality is wrong because the Bible said so, unless those same people are also refraining from getting haircuts, eating bacon or wearing polyester and gold jewelry. (I’m pretty sure the second commandment, which instructs us to “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself,” trumps all the other stuff anyway.)

I do not plan on sitting my children down and telling them all about how some people are gay and some people are not, in the same way that I do not plan to have a big TALK about how some people wear eyeglasses and some do not.

If they should ask me why one of their friends has two moms or two dads, I will tell them because those two people fell in love and wanted to have a baby just like Daddy and I fell in love and wanted you.

I may also add something like how families come in all shapes and sizes, just like bodies and isn’t that great? 

I would MUCH rather answer that question than “Why can’t my friend’s two Moms get married?” THAT is a much harder question for which I do not have a good answer.

I will not make a big deal about it because I am trying to raise my kids to be adults who actually don’t think being gay is anything we need to TALK about.

I’m trying to raise my kids to base their decisions about people NOT on who they love, but instead on who they are. I’m trying to raise my kids not to judge others at all. It’s simply not our job.

I like to think I am raising my kids to be loving to ALL people and not just tolerant of anybody. All human beings are to be celebrated, either for their goodness or for the lessons we can learn from them.

Remember that scene in St. Elmo’s fire where the mom was whispering all the “bad words” like cancer and drugs? I have an idea… let’s NOT whisper the word gay! Because, guess what, it’s not a bad word! (I may actually start to whisper the words laundry and hangover because those things suck.)

I honestly hope that someday my kids read this and say, “Mom, it’s so crazy that you even had to write that stuff down.”

Because it IS crazy that in this day and age we are STILL denying equal rights to all people.

It’s worse than crazy; it’s embarrassing and disappointing and infuriating.