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Sandy, Part II


It’s not like me to be all “Let’s focus on the positive!” or “Let’s look at the bright side!” It’s more like me to make fun of those people. But this past week has had some highlights for us, so as promised…

Part II: The Things That Didn’t Suck About Sandy

… subtitled “Every Hurricane Has a Silver Lining

  • The resiliency of New Yorkers and the human spirit in general

Sorry if this too “Kumbayah” for you, but people can just be amazing, you know? Neighbors helping neighbors and people pulling together when their chips are down. It warms the heart. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Grammy & Pop staying with us for three days

Grammy and Pop are awesome. Even when Grammy has some bad throat infection/flu type thing, she’s awesome. So having them here, right under our roof, for three days was all kinds of fun for the kids. They never tired (or at least never showed that they tired) of playing, reading books, watching kids’ TV or listening to the kids talk and talk and talk and talk…

They were finally able to get back into their home on Wednesday and while we were so happy for them, Happy Dude hasn’t stopped walking around the house saying, “Pop? Where Pop go? Pop play cars and trucks?”

OK, you know what? This post is done.

I had a few other bullet points about the “bright side” of Sandy – specifically the awesomeness of the NYU NICU nurses that carried all of their patients – PREEMIE BABIES – down nine flights of stairs so that those babies could be safely transferred to another hospital. (I’m sorry, but did that story kill you as much as it did me? The idea that those little tiny human beings had to be uprooted but that the nurses loved them enough to carry them and all of their equipment to safety? I kept thinking about their mothers, who may or may not have known what was happening?? Ugh, ugly cry.)

BUT, as I’m typing, I’m half-watching the Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together special. What’s better than Bon Jovi & Bruuccce on TV? Jersey, represent. (Oh yeah, Billy Joel was allowed to come, too.) And as I’m watching these photos and videos documenting the havoc Sandy has wreaked, the devastation up and down the East Coast – especially to a much beloved New York City and Jersey Shore – a Pollyanna post looking at the bright side just doesn’t seem appropriate.

Screw the bright side.

I am so glad all of my family and friends and neighbors are safe.

I am also so very, very sorry for those of you that are suffering from loss of any kind.


If their website isn’t working (experiencing high volume is a good thing!), you can use this iTunes/RedCross link as well.

It’s time to recover.

Photo credit: Michael Reynolds / EPA / October 31, 2012

Sandy, Part I


OK, I’m finally sitting down to write this.  The Twix bars are gone. No more excuses.

(Wow, “The Twix bars are gone. No more excuses.” That should totally be an ad for Nike or something.)

As I’ve mentioned to some of you in person or via Facebook, I’ve had a VERY hard time with this post. If I considered myself a writer, I’d say I have writer’s block. It’s possible that I’ve put SO MUCH sugar into my body that it’s physically blocking all brain activity. (This might also explain how the Loud One beat me at Blokus today.)

More likely it’s that this whole Sandy ordeal has been such an emotional roller coaster and I can’t figure out the right tone in which to express it all. Sarcasm is my native language but that doesn’t seem quite right. Yet, earnest from me might seem kind of wrong, no? Anyway, I’ll try to strike a balance.

First and foremost, let me say that I am so relieved that my friends, family and neighbors are safe and sound.

We are also grateful to be among a very small percentage of people in our town that have not lost power. (Being as there is a huge tree leaning on power lines about one block away, I’m going to knock on some serious wood right now.)

Our door is opened to friends and family members (and their friends and family members!) who may need to recharge (literally and/or figuratively). We’ve had only a few people take us up on that; I’m assuming it’s because, well, The Nibbit lives here. And they’ve met him.

For what it’s worth, I do recognize the absurdity of my saying “this has been such an emotional roller coaster” when really, we have escaped unscathed. But it’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to. I blame the Twix. All the sugar has made me angry.

Anyway, in an attempt to organize my thoughts on Sandy, that bitch, I decided to work with a method I know best. Bullet points.

Yup, it’s a list. A two-part-over-two-days list. For today, I present…

PART I: The Things that Suck(ed) the Most about Sandy

  • The Anticipation
    All day on Sunday, we waited and wondered. How bad will it be? It can’t possibly be as bad as they’re saying it will be… right? I had family members debate whether they should really evacuate their homes. (They did. It was the right call.) We went to bed on Sunday night not knowing what we would wake up to. And we woke up to… nothing. Sandy didn’t really start kicking until much later in the day.
  • The Actual Storm (duh)
    • The Wind– It didn’t get really dicey until Monday night. But from about 7:oopm to midnight, those winds were scary. We don’t have too many trees surrounding our property, but we have a few in the back that were swaying and bending like really, really tall Sky Guys.

      Woooaaah, Sandy is NOT my friend!

      After debating where to sleep, we put the kids to bed in their regular rooms and then I promptly spent the next five hours regretting not putting them in the basement. I just kept picturing the headline: “Tree Falls on Kid Sleeping in Regular Place During Sandy!” And people everywhere would have been all, “What the hell was that mother thinking putting her kids to sleep in their regular place?!? Did she not notice the HURRICANE happening outside her windows? Who doesn’t put their kids in a much SAFER place… LIKE THE BASEMENT?!?”

      I know. Next hurricane? BASEMENT.

    • The News – or lack thereof. While I know many people would have killed to have ANY news coverage, watching it during the storm was a bit maddening. Nobody could really tell us anything… the reporters all stood in the dark, near different bodies of water and basically said, “It’s VERY windy and see this water lapping at my feet? It’s going to get a lot deeper soon!” over and over again for about five hours.
  • The Aftermath
    • My Area: So many of my family, friends and neighbors are still struggling with no power, no water, house and/or property damage. I’ve heard a bit of bitching from strangers about the utility company’s slow response, but from the people I know, I’ve only heard, “I can’t complain. It could have been so much worse.” Let me just say, I’m so glad to know you, compassionate people.
    • Jersey: The devastation caused in New Jersey is heartbreaking. The images and video footage of so many Jersey Shore communities brings me to tears at least twice a day.Like so many others who grew up in Jersey, I have many incredible memories of time spent down the shore. For me, it was weekends at my friend Mush’s beach house in LBI. Her kind parents welcomed large groups of loud teenagers into their home again and again and I will cherish my memories of those weekends forever.For the past two summers, we’ve taken our kids to Long Branch, NJ to experience a “real beach… with real waves.” (No offense Compo.) I haven’t seen photos of the resort yet, but I can’t imagine it fared well.My heart breaks for the families that live there or spent their summers there… families who have lost their homes and even their hometowns.
      • Side note: it’s time for Snooki and the Situation to step up. Seriously. For reasons you and I will never understand, those Jersey Shore stars have fans. And they need to start using their star power for good instead of their usual evil. You hear me, JWoww?
        • Editor’s note (which is somehow different from a Side note): I just saw on Facebook that I’m actually not the only one that thought of this! Great Jersey Minds! There’s already a push to get the Jersey Shore crew together for a fundraiser. While it’s very scary that people would pay money to see them, I think they should do whatever it takes.
    • New York City – I mean, COME ON. Hasn’t this city been through enough? Seeing the FDR and parts of the East Village underwater is shocking… and very, very sad. The fact that mass transit has been basically shut down for three days is unprecedented. Now we all know how tough and badass New Yorkers are, so obvs the city and its residents will be fine. But it still just sucks. (Look, I never promised you articulate.)
    • And of course, all of the rest of the areas affected by Sandy’s wrath. Here’s hoping that communities all over the East Coast can pull together in spirit (and possibly with manual labor) to get their towns back to business as usual.

Because ultimately, the show must go on. (And it has! Broadway is open for business!)

It’s still OK to like this Sandy

Last but not least on the list of The Things That Sucked Most About Sandy?

  • The Weight Gain– Clearly not as devastating as the destruction caused by the hurricane, but still the pile of empty candy wrappers on my desk (and in my garbage… and in the garbage by my other desk… ) is my own personal pile of hurricane rubble. And it ain’t pretty.But I learned something… Twix does not solve problems. In fact, I’m pretty sure it causes writer’s blogger’s block.
    • Side note: “Fun Size” –> code for “Eat At Least Ten of, Maybe More, Size”

OK, so that’s the bad.

Tomorrow I’m going to be all Pollyanna and tell you about the Silver Linings of Sandy. Because you know, The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow and all that shit.