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A Very Short Ode to the First Day


‘Twas the Night before First Grade and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse two guinea pigs named Squeaky & Pip.

The backpack was selected at Target with care,
(When we didn’t immediately see one with puppies, it gave us a scare.)

Dress has been chosen; it’s flowy, not tight.
Everything’s set to make her first day just right.

I asked her if she’s nervous; she rolled her eyes.
(That’s starting already? What a surprise.)

She’ll wake up at 6:00 and get dressed right away,
then she’ll ask me, as always, “Do we have any plans today?”

I’ll remind her “Um, hello? You have school? First day?”
And she’ll laugh in her Fruit Loops like she does everyday.

I’ll ask her “Sandwich or yogurt for lunch? Your pick.”
She’ll say, “Please let me buy! They have waffle sticks!”

She’ll get on the bus; the brothers will cry.
They want to go, too! And so do I […want them to go, too.]

The Loud One is off… let the school year begin!
Now my house will be QUIET until 3:00pm.

I have always loved the first day of school. The fresh start. The new pens. The blank notebooks. It’s like New Year’s Day but with better supplies. And without the hangover. (Unless you’re one to go out the night before and celebrate the fact that the kids are FINALLY going back to school. But no one would do that. NAH.)

May the 2012-13 school year be safe and productive for all of you… and here’s hoping we don’t need to use any of our snow days.


This was her first day of Kindergarten; it was a little bit emotional for me. This year? Not so much.


PS. As usual, Glennon Melton knows just what to say … hate her. Even if the God talk is not your thing, the message is right on. Check out this link and please copy her letter for your own kids. (She says it’s OK.)