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So, I have news.


Nope, I’m not pregnant. But that’s what you thought, isn’t it? I promise you, you will NEVER hear those words from me again. Unless it’s an April Fool’s joke. (Consider yourself warned.)

I actually have some exciting news about a new professional development in my life. (Wow, I sound more professional already.)

I have a job! A REAL job! Well, it’s “real” if you count “writing about kids and pop culture” real. And I DO!

I have officially joined Entertainment Weekly’s new online “Family Entertainment Channel,” as a Blogger/Contributor.

I have already mentioned this to a few people and I’ve been asked the same questions over and over again. So let me anticipate your needs and answer them here:

How the hell do you always get so damn lucky?

I have no idea. (Maybe it was all those four-leaf clovers I ate as a kid?) But I’m very grateful.

What will you be writing about for EW.com?

Any topic that combines parenting/kids and pop culture. I’m pretty sure they hired me because they know my kids watch waaaaay too much TV.

Will you still write on this blog?

Definitely. I’m confident that the regular EW readers do NOT want to read about potty training and stretching underwear as I know YOU GUYS do. Am I right? Plus, I’m less inclined to discuss how often I lose my shit on a site that gets more than six readers.

 So, wait, they’re paying you to do what you’re basically already doing for free?

I KNOW, RIGHT??? (Maybe we can keep that between you and me?)

Where can I find your stuff?

Well, my very first column was posted TODAY and you can read it HERE. Check out the site and you’ll see how “The Family Room” is set up. It’s a fantastic resource for parents of kids of all ages. I’ll also post a link to every column from this blog.

Are you nervous about getting negative feedback?

A little bit, because I’ve been told that there are some serious crazies out there who don’t always appreciate the subtle nuances of SARCASM and who maybe take their entertainment blogs a bit too seriously. But I’m working on developing a thicker skin. (M&Ms should help with that, right?)

Should I leave comments over on EW.com pretending that I don’t know you, but saying how awesome I think you are?

Aw, aren’t you super sweet. If you must.

Seriously, how do you get so lucky?

Seriously, I have no idea. Did I mention that I’m very grateful?