An Even Dozen


KJ and I are not big anniversary people. I have a little bit of a mental block about whether it falls on July 15th or 16th and the only way KJ can remember it is by removing his wedding ring and squinting at the date engraved on the inside.

We’re actually celebrating our 12th anniversary today by doing our favorite thing. Well, things. He’s playing golf and I’m staying home to write and read in the hammock. Happy Anniversary!

But we did have a date last night and get this – we went to the movie theater and SAW THE SAME MOVIE. That’s happened approximately five times over the course of our twelve-year marriage because we can rarely agree on which movie to see. KJ likes action, suspense, car chases and shooting. I like to laugh. So in the past twelve years, just about the only movies we could agree to see together were the first Jason Bourne movie and the entire Ocean’s Eleven franchise.

Oddly, we also saw that Julia Louis-Dreyfus/James Gandolfini movie, “Enough Said.” I’m sure the only reason KJ agreed to see that one was because he misunderstood “James Gandolfini” to mean “Tony Soprano” and when he realized it was essentially a romantic comedy, he spent the whole movie groaning and talking about poking his eyeballs out with his soda straw. That was fun!

Anyway, feeling nostalgic this morning, I started looking at our wedding album. So many happy memories, but really I had two main thoughts:

  1. DAMN it was hot in that church.
  2. THAT was a super fun party.

For those close friends who weren’t at my wedding, here are some pictures to help you feel like you were there.


I loved designing the invitations; it was my second favorite part of wedding planning. But it’s possible I went a little overboard with the FOLDER and multiple inserts. (Please note, I designed that “forward/backward, interlocking Ks” symbol in 2005 – loooong before Kim Kardashian came up with her slightly more elaborate version in 2011… see below.)

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 12.31.56 PM


My hair looks better here than it did when it was finished.


Maybe I should have someone apply makeup for me everyday?


Trying to get myself and this big dress into the backseat of this car was the exact moment that I realized how hot New York City in July can be.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 8.40.35 AM

I wish I had this conversation with my Dad on tape.


DAMN that’s a long aisle.


“Love, cherish, blah blah blah.” All KJ and I are thinking here is about how much we’re sweating.


See those faces? Those are the faces of people who can’t focus on a wedding because of how hot they are.


Kissing in front of a crowd is AWKWARD.


This is such an odd traditional photo. “Look at us! We’re married… and in a car!” Also, this shot makes me question our photographer’s skills.


What is so funny?? I’m dying to know.


Why yes, I did have seating cards in an assortment of bright colors.


These orange and hot pink tablecloths and flowers were the start of my love affair with those colors…  an affair that continues today.


First dance. Those faces are saying, “How long is this song anyway? Please let it end.” We started signaling to the band to wrap it up about four seconds into “Have a Little Faith in Me.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 12.16.17 PM

These men all said nice things about us.


Wedding planner: A candy bar? Really?  Me: You don’t know me at all. (By the way, choosing the candy for the candy bar was my first favorite part about planning the wedding.)


Wedding planner: Really, a choc…         Me: Yes, a chocolate fountain, too.


My Mom was with me the whole day.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 8.43.34 AM

Do you think the photographer had some note that said, “Catch siblings laughing in the corner of pictures.” Because I have like six more like this. And I love them.


Me: This was fun but we out. KJ: Imma take one small drink for the road.

Twelve years is a long time, but not really. Neither of us has changed all that much. KJ still loves beer and golf and drinking beer during golf and he still loves the Yankees and the Jets and drinking beer at Yankees and Jets games. I still like margaritas.

We still disagree on when to leave for the airport but thanks to a deal we made a couple of years into our marriage,* it’s no longer up for debate.

He still likes to save money and I still like to spend it.

He still eats foods in weird combinations and mixes everything together on his plate and I still cringe when he does it.

We both still like seeing live music but admittedly he’s way more motivated about it.

We’re still bringing our specific skill sets to the family table. He’s practical, reliable and active. I’m creative, organized and lazy (yes, that’s a skill… do you think just anyone can stay on the couch in pajamas all day as often as I do?)

He has more rules for the kids, but I definitely yell more. Depending on the day, either one of us could be “the fun one.”

Lastly, and maybe most importantly for today, we’re both fine with the fact that we don’t really make a big deal about anniversaries.

Still, Happy 12th KJ.


*Shortly after we got married, I realized that our arguments about when to leave for dinners, parties, appointments and mostly, flights were going to eventually land us in a marriage counselor’s – if not divorce lawyer’s – office. (Of course, I would be 10-15 minutes early for that appointment and KJ would be an “acceptable” five minutes late.)

I proposed the following deal:

I get to pick the departure time for any event – meal, party, wedding, etc. – that has to do with my family and friends. He decides when we leave for his family’s and friends’ events. He also gets to choose our departure time for any “neutral” event – mutual friends, our own dinner dates, etc. WITH ONE EXCEPTION: flights. I always get to decide when we leave for the airport.

We still use this contract today.




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  1. Awww, I’m so happy to see these photos, because they are such a fun reminder of a great day! And it was definitely an awesome party!!

  2. Krissy this is a tremendous post. Feel somehow jipped to have missed your wedding. Despite not knowing you yet.

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