June Brain



That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Because it’s June and June is nutballs crazy.

When my Mom was sick and undergoing treatment, she would blame “Chemo Brain” whenever she forgot something or couldn’t think clearly. Many of us have also experienced something similar with “Baby Brain” due to sleep deprivation and hormonal wackiness.

Well, I’m now adding June Brain* to the list of conditions that causes forgetfulness and confusion.

The cause is not chemical or hormonal, but yet “overcrowding” in the brain due to schedules that involve end of the school year parties, Field Day, concerts, teacher gifts, last soccer games, baking or shopping for party supplies, coach gifts, Moving Up ceremonies, buying napkins for parties, last baseball games, field trips to the beach, buying Popsicles, graduations and parties, end-of-the-year plays, the costumes required for end-of-the-school-year brain, and all of the other things that happen during the last three weeks of school. ALL OF THE THINGS.

I know you get it. Everyone I spoken to in the past two weeks has mentioned forgetting an appointment, missing a pick-up, screwing up a date or confusing a carpool and I have done ALL of those things this week alone.

Nobody has better explained June Brain than writer Jen Hatmaker in this post, “Worst End of School Year Mom Ever” so I won’t even try. Just READ THIS if you haven’t already.

Hang in there… one more week for my local friends, at least. WE ARE ALMOST THERE!


*This would be “May Brain” if you live in Texas or anywhere else in the South where the your school year ends in May or very, very early June.

PS. You should know that while this blog stays stagnant for many, many weeks months at a time these days, I have not given up on it entirely. I could still write about the antics of my kids – and the crazy puppy we added to the mix! – but as they get older, I recognize that their stories are more their own to share.

And while Happy Dude will often say, “You can put that on Facebook” even when he is doing something boring and normal – ike he’ll be eating pasta and not eating anything healthy ever and he’ll be like, “You can take a picture and put that on Facebook if you want.” And I’m all like, “No thanks, I’m good.” – I need to respect their privacy now that they’re old enough to complain if I don’t.

So I’m trying to decide what direction this blog should take and hoping the universe will send me some sign or something so that I don’t have to figure it out on my own.

Stay tuned… and have a GREAT summer!


Last elementary school concert 😩


Field Day madness


Paul Revere… check out that elaborate costume.


Beach Field Trip. YESTERDAY. Because this week is not crazy enough.


Not taking baseball TOO seriously. 🙄


Crazy dog, playing hide & seek

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    • A funny blog and so true. I can relate only because of my grandchildren. Even as they get older, there are still events and crazy schedules all the time. Never stops, I think it should be called All Seasons brain!!

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