Limping across the… starting line?


I was going to post this vent on Facebook but decided that I had much too much to say bitch about for a mere status update. Read it if you want. Or don’t. I just need to document the complete failure of our health shields in this house and the way we’re already limping and we’ve just crossed the STARTING line!

So, the Nib had impetigo a few weeks ago. Apparently, a LOT of kids had impetigo at the end of the summer, considering everyone I talk to says, “OH [insert name of their kid or someone they know] had impetigo, too! They think he/she caught it at [insert name of camp] here.”

Impetigo is a gross, extremely uncomfortable rash that spreads easily and according to the Nib, “…ITCHES SO MUCH AND HURTS SO MUCH… AT THE SAME TIME… OMG, THIS IS THE WORST!”

I guess it’s also somehow related to the strep virus because when HD started complaining about a sore throat last week, everyone was all, “Oh, it’s probably strep which he probably caught from Nib’s impetigo.”

HD rallied enough to make it to the first day of school because WHO MISSES THE FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN? But when he got off the bus and told me that it was “… his worst first day of Kindergarten EVER,” I wondered if maybe I made the wrong call by sending him. Hmmm.

Still, for the First Day of School we had a pretty good record: 3/3 made it!

Brought HD to the doctor that afternoon and even thought it LOOKED like strep and FELT like strep, it wasn’t strep. At first, I was really glad the strep test came back negative because I was feeling PRETTY BAD about being the Mom who sent her kid to the first day of Kindergarten with strep and possibly gave all the other brand new Kindergarteners strep as well. “OOPS, so sorry about bringing that infectious disease into the classroom on their very first day of school EVER!” So yeah, the negative strep test was good.

But THEN, the doctor put him on antibiotics anyway just in case and when HD was still complaining after three days, I was all “Geez, if this was strep, he’d be better by now… WTF?” (which in essence, was me saying, “Screw you, brand new Kindergarteners, I WISH it was an infectious disease,” which basically makes me the worst person in the world. #sorrynotsorrywishitwasstrep)

OK, so then HD missed the very SECOND day of Kindergarten, which isn’t nearly as bad as missing the first, but still not great, but whatever. Instead, we spent the the day together on the couch. RIGHT next to each other. Because that’s where he needed me to be. ALL DAY. Kind of sad, but also kind of awesome.

Second Day of School: 2/3

But guess what all-day cuddling with a kid with a virus leads to? YOU with a virus. And by “YOU,” I mean, “ME.” So yeah, I felt like crap by Friday night.

This is me catching the non-strep virus:


Saturday morning, we all woke up slowly and felt… OK. Well, we really WANTED to feel OK because we had plans to see “School of Rock” and have dinner in NYC. HD seemed better, I was rallying… sooooo, we’re good to go!

Guess what… we’re NOT good to go. HD whimpered his way through the the first act and begged to go home. So I left with him at intermission leaving KJ to watch the second half of the show with Nib and LO, take them to dinner and then take the train home since I was taking the car.

First Half of “School of Rock:” 5/5
Second Half of “School of Rock” and Dinner: 3/5

IMG_2600 (1)

We’re ready to ROCK!


I’m ready to GO HOME!

On Sunday, we were supposed to go to a big family BBQ at T&P’s. I really, really wanted to go, but as 2:00pm approached, I realized that it wasn’t going to happen for me. Grayson was also still borderline so he and I decided to stay home.

Family BBQ: 3/ … oh wait! Minutes before leaving, the Nib poked his own eye. Badly. He was screaming in pain, couldn’t open it, blah blah blah. We made a new plan, KJ will bring LO over to the BBQ and come back later to pick up the Nib and bring him to the party once he recovered.

OK, scratch that, Family BBQ: 2/5

Well, Nib never recovered. He spent most of the day blindly (literally) screaming in pain and yelling things like, “WHEN WILL THIS PAIN END? WILL I EVER FEEL NORMAL AGAIN? I CAN’T STAND IT!” That is not an exaggeration. I have it on video. I will not share it because there are some privacy lines that even I won’t cross.

This is what most of Sunday looked like:


This is my “Yes, I will cuddle and love your sore throat and badly-poked eye selves and ignore my own failing health, BECAUSE I’M A MOM AND THAT’S WHAT WE DO AND NO, I’M NOT RESENTFUL AT ALL” face. 

A couple hours after KJ and LO left for the BBQ, I got a text from KJ: “LO is asleep on the couch; she was complaining of a bad headache. I’m going to wake her up and bring her home.” Oy. Kevin brought her home and we all went to bed.

Final Tally, Family BBQ: 0/5

Yesterday morning was off to a slow start, with multiple sore throats, one sore eye and one sore head but by early afternoon, things were looking up. Throats, eye and head were all feeling better… hallelujah! Being a stupid parent (again? really?), I decided LO and I could make it out to the store for school supplies and after about an hour, she started crying that her throat hurt. I tried to tell her NO, IT DOESN’T but she started to cry in Target. She spent the rest of the day in bed, had an extremely fitful night “sleep” and is home from school today.

Third Day of School: 2/5


“I can’t actually eat these cough drops because my throat hurts too much but can I bring them to school tomorrow?” 

So that’s where we’re at. Apparently when I said, “Bring on the new school year… we’re ready for ya!” I was WRONG. I should have said, “I know you’re coming new school year, whether we’re ready or not. And you should know that we’re not really ready. I mean, some of us are, but some of us aren’t. So we’re going to ease into it. We’ll get a couple of us there each day until maybe mid-week, week two. Sound good, school year? Cool, thanks.”

New School Year: A zillion.
Us: Very, very little.

PS. LO had the genius idea of freezing water in popsicle molds so that she could numb her sore throat without actually eating 20 popsicles. Is she the first person to think of this??

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  1. I think that you missed the part where you say “Sorry!” to all of the people at the BBQ whom LO infected also. It’s not like there aren’t lots of hugs and kisses at a family event where you haven’t seen a bunch of people in several months, let alone the fact that there are lots of snack bowls around…

  2. So sorry Kris missed you had the BBQ. The old saying,”when it rains, it pours” is so true. Your family certainly got hit with a doozy! I hope everyone feels better soon!

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