Seven Week Recap


Where have you been?? Do you think you can just walk away from this blog without any notice or explanation?

OK, I forgive you. Let’s catch up.

Here’s a brief recap of what’s been going on with us since early January, here’s our past seven weeks in a school-safe, nut-free-shell.

  • All three of the kids continue to do basketball clinics on Sundays. Let’s just say that some of them have minimal natural-born coordination but make up for it with their enthusiasm. Some of them think they’re a tiny bit better than they really are. And some of them just spend the whole time spinning in circles and saying, “Woah, woah, I’m dizzy!”
  • The temperature dropped and it snowed. The kids had a snow day on a Monday.
  • In some kind of warped, alternate universe, the Nibbit had a birthday party at an art studio where he got to be dreamy and creative and the Loud One had a party at a Parkour place where she got to hurl herself off, over and around things ON THE SAME DAY. They talked about switching places, but I explain to them that they are not the Parent Trap twins and would not be able to get away with that.
  • Then, it was Martin Luther King, Jr Day and the kids had a day off on a Monday.
  • We moved our new Wii up to the playroom and we didn’t see the Nibbit for three days. I THINK he went to school but I can’t be sure.
  • Weekend: basketball, birthday parties.
  • We saw the WEIRDEST kids’ movie ever made, aptly called Strange Magic. It had fairies and princes and gnomes and Kristen Chenowith and greatest hits from the 60s and 70s and maybe a little bit of racism, but I’m not 100% sure about that.
  • It snowed again and the kids had a half-snow-day on a Monday.
  • The kids continue their ice skating lessons (which we had to call “hockey skating” to convince the Nib to do it) and every week we go to a nearby restaurant afterwards for dinner, where we convince ourselves that Brussel Sprouts made with tons of bacon and something sweet are still quite healthy. Spoiler alert: they’re not.
  • Parenthood ended. I’m still very, very sad.
  • KJ and I attempted to recreate a bit of our youth by going to see Dave Mason (Traffic) in concert. It was terrible and a rude reminder that usually staying home and watching Walking Dead (him) or Nashville (me) is more fun than trying to recreate our youth.
  • Weekend: basketball, birthday parties.
  • It snowed again and the kids had another effing snow day on a Monday.
  • KJ spent three days in Chicago and Happy Dude took that opportunity to get a stomach bug and throw up all over the hallway at 3:00am that night. He was feeling better and back to sleep by 4:00 but I, of course, stayed wide awake just waiting for the vomiting to begin again.
    • Side note: A kid’s first stomach bug is always super fun, right? I remember when the Nibbit threw up for the first time – Exorcist-style, spinning 360° and splattering every square inch of his bedroom carpet and most of the furniture – he just kept screaming, “WHAT. IS. HAPPENING????” HD was more subdued… he just quietly whimpered, “I’m sick and I don’t like this.” And I was all, “You don’t say? And me neither.”
  • Weekend: basketball, birthday parties.
  • It snowed again and the kids had a snow day on a Monday.
  • Then we spent the last week in Florida with my family. The kids went roller skating, skateboarding, rode a bucking shark, learned how to be circus performers, had a scavenger hunt, raced go carts, watched a real-life circus performance, built and launched the “Dozen Cousins” lemonade stand, got their faces painted, swam, played a lot of Minecraft, biked and played a LOT basketball.



  • I read two books.
  • We came home. It snowed. And they didn’t have school on Monday. (I’m cheating on that one… it was staff development day.) 


  • Which brings us to today… back to the cold, back to school, back to routine and maybe… just maybe… they’ll have a full five-day school week next week.

What’s up with you?


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  1. Well, our lives for the last 7 weeks have been 6 days a week of basketbll, softball, basketball games, ccd and girl scouts. For both girls. Thanking god only 2 days it overlapped with times. Then 3 mondays in a row of no school as well. I wouldn’t mind doing a florida trip but I think at this point, I would be house shopping down there instead of enjoying myself!!! I hate the snow!! We do have a few upcoming things to look forward to…..Brien is graduating high school, alot of softball games and tournaments that takes us to august (both girls again), vacation in july, more time off from school for easter break (spring break) and a big bday mixed in there to (mine…ugh!!!) and just spring and summer in general!! Hopfully the next 7 weeks will be more enjoyable even if the weather is the only thing that improves!!

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