Christmas List 2014


Happy Holidays!

As the year ends, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to you readers that read each post, comment on the blog, on Facebook, via email or in-person. I love hearing from you because it’s nice to know that we’re all in this thing together.

I’ve said this before but I mostly write this blog as a way of journaling these *magical* (ahem) years with our young kids. But having you guys say things like, “THIS EXACT THING HAPPENS IN MY HOUSE!” or “YES! I hate when my kids do that, too!” and especially, “You made me laugh today,” makes it so much better. So, thank you.

Also, some people have asked me what my goals are for the blog. The answer is, I don’t have any. I don’t have any long-term plans for this blog; no burning desire to build readership or promote the brand or attract advertisers. NONE. In fact, I pay a small annual fee to keep ads OFF of this page because that would be annoying. I do look at the “site reports” but mostly because I’m fascinated by all the numbers and math and statistics that I don’t understand at all. (Sorry, Tom.)

So, as long as my kids continue to inspire me to write (and I hope they do… sort of?), I hope you will continue to read.

Pretty sure these guys still have plenty of inspiration material in them

Pretty sure these guys still have plenty of inspiration material in them.

And on the note of things I’m hoping for, here is this year’s Grown-Up Christmas List.

Dear Santa…

I think you’re AMAZING. The way you maintain your weight (albeit elevated) despite all those cookies? Super impressive.

We all know you’re pure magic, so I’m hoping you can deliver the following this year:

  • A lice-free existence. (I know this one tops all Moms’ lists, so if you could just banish the whole damn gross lice ordeal, that’d be great.)
  • A year without infections both viral and bacterial, including but not limited to, stomach and bronchial.
  • Math I can handle. (Too hard? I understand.)
  • A cure for “bumpy clothing hurts” syndrome. And I don’t mean 12 sessions with an Occupational Therapist; I mean, like a pill.
  • You know how cabinet-makers invented those drawers that don’t slam shut because they automatically slow down right before they close? I wish for door makers to do the same.
  • An emoji that shows a mom pulling her hair out… how does this not exist yet?
  • No more cilantro anywhere. Ever.
  • To never hear “UNFAIR!” again
  • A sarcasm font (this is not so much a want as it’s a need… I simply can’t communicate well without it.)
  • Bring back Fraggle Rock! Bring back Fraggle Rock!
  • Some basic winter courtesy:
    • No more than three big storms; no more than four inches at a time.
    • The last storm should be no later than Valentine’s Day and I’m going to need clear skies for my vacation travel.
    • After February, temperatures should start to rise (and stay) above freezing.
    • I’ll agree to a jacket throughout early March, but I want to be wearing a light fleece (or a vest would be OK, but I don’t own one… you need to know what works for you and I’m just not a vest kind of girl) by the end of the month.
    • Spring should arrive by April 1 and not a minute later.
  • An end to Happy Dude’s obsession with the word “eyeballs.” It’s inexplicable and really weird and I’d like it to stop.
  • A cure to my kids’ peanut allergies because I would like to start making my world not-really-at-all famous Peanut Butter Balls.
  • Continued good luck that no one has broken a bone playing wrestle baby
    • More wood to knock on because I insist on stupidly saying stuff like that out loud
  • HD embracing a full-night’s sleep in his own bed. Every night. (Rollover item. This one just keeps reappearing every year.)
  • Lastly, I don’t want to nag but I’m still waiting on that hangover-free Margarita I requested in 2012.

Thanks in advance Santa,
xoxo, kmac

Happy New Year everyone … see you in 2015!


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  1. Thanks for making this year a little funnier, a lot warmer and a huge amount more interesting….by sharing your (and your family’s) ups and downs, triumphs and disasters and laughs and tears with all of us. We love you and your posts….but mostly you!


  2. Thank you for making me laugh and sometimes cry but always for good memories. Can’t wait for more new and exciting blogs for the new year, 2015. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love ya!

  3. Funny how my list (if I had a list) looks a lot like yours! Thanks for all the posts this year, as with the exception of maybe one, were all…”THIS EXACT THING HAPPENS IN MY HOUSE!” Here is an idea that you may want to tackle in 2015…. “Girls 1st Sleepover Birthday Party.” Please, I need some comic relief, before I dive into this drama-filled insanity! But, until then… Happy Holidays! I wish you and all your readers (and, yes, I do believe there is more than just 13 of us) a wonderful 2015!

    • Jill, thank you for YOUR comic relief and comments! You’re often the only person not related to me commenting directly here, so I appreciate that!!

      Sleepovers? Already?? Ugh.

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