Lazy days…


Hey, it’s been a while!

You look fantastic… nice tan!

Soooo, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth… just really, really enjoying the lazy days of summer. Actually, just really enjoying the lazy. ALL of the lazy.

Kids have been doing camp stuff like holding baby chicks and playing soccer and coming home with super dirty, gross feet. I’m convinced the summer air is making them grow faster because their legs are getting all long and daaaangly, which is a little odd because all they eat is ICE CREAM.

I’ve been spending my free time reading a lot of fluffy books and channeling my inner Grandma to crochet a blanket. Well, sort of. I know I’ve showed you the Monster that my Mom crocheted for me… my most special thing.


Well, my Mom taught me the basics (the VERY basics) of crocheting so I decided to start my own blanket. I picked this one:

Whit's Knits: Bear's Rainbow Blanket (

Whit’s Knits: Bear’s Rainbow Blanket (

Turns out, the basics were not going to cut it for this thing, so I had to take a $20 lesson to learn how to do the tricky things like use more than one color and CORNERS.

Then I dug in. It took me three days to make this one square:


Not kidding. THREE DAYS. But now I only need 107 more. I’m no mathematician, but I figure it should be done by the time HD leaves for college. Or juvy.

ANYWAY, only a few weeks left before school and we’re going to cram in a whole lotta fun. We’re going to do Hershey Park and the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Just venturing a guess here, but I bet we eat more ice cream.

We’re also taking a trip to the Outer Banks and my packing list has 156 items on it. Just to clarify, I need to pack every single thing we own PLUS most of the things they sell at the grocery store. Then, we’re going to drive 12+ hours, which obviously will be easy and awesome since my kids are so quiet and non-whiney.

We’ll arrive, unpack everything we own, plus everything we bought, and then enjoy a blissful six days of relaxing on the beach – because, you know, the quiet, non-whiney kids – before reloading the car with all the things and driving the 12+ hours back.

I right this second decided to keep a journal of our car ride down there, so now you have THAT to look forward to. I’m sure HD will share many of his astute observations like, “All of the things on the ground are flat,” or “Everything blue is like that blue truck,” or finally, “Cars are not bigger than houses but they are bigger than bugs,” (which is at least true.)

(I could live Tweet it but really I can’t because of the whole “I don’t Tweet” thing. Plus then everyone that followed me on Twitter [which I’m sure would be all 16 of you] would know when I was away and you might rob my house… DAD. It’s true we no longer have our killer guard guinea pigs, but our alarm system is still loud and scary, so back off.)

Other summer fun has included:

Swimming, art projects, hermit crab play dates, 18 bottles of sunblock, bike rides, skinned knees, homemade ice cream, store-bought ice cream, lice checks, swimming, beach trips, birthday parties, pulling a tick off a head, zip lines, swimming, a whole lotta Band-Aids, book clubs, camp chickens, picking berries, playing baseball, fishing, more ice cream, and more swimming.

Happy August!

Cool new summer hair

Cool new summer hair.

Oh and facial hair, too

Oh and facial hair, too.

Loving the beach...

Loving the beach…

… and the chickens.

… and the chickens.

4 responses »

  1. What day do you leave and when will you be back? I need to know how big my window of opportunity is (to steal that incredible (single!) square of crocheting)? After 18 years of intensive – and expensive – education, I am soooo proud!


  2. Sounds like you are having a super summer! Enjoy this time of your life cause before you know it-kids are all grown up! Will you be at Tom and Susan’s on the 24th? Have fun at Outer Banks and hope to see you there… Love ya, A.L.

  3. I’ve had craft projects whose gestation has exceeded the lifetime of some mammals. As long as you aren’t using some sort of decomposing yarn, you are good.

  4. You are sure busy people. I love your square of crocheting. I think it will make a beautiful blanket some day!! Keep it going. I also love the pictures. Everyone always likes the beach. Hope to see you at Tom’s!

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