You guys are SO supportive!


OK, I have a few hours to get stuff done while the kids are at camp today… here’s my list:

  • Do the dishes/clean the kitchen
  • Gather although the damp towels and bathing suits from all over the house
  • Do that laundry
  • Make the kids’ allergist appointments/call in new EpiPen prescriptions
  • Go to CVS for pick-up
  • Organize all the stuff that’s accumulated on the basement stairs before someone trips and breaks his/her neck
  • Yoga class
  • Figure out something for dinner
  • Go to store and buy necessary dinner ingredients
  • Prepare said dinner ahead of time to avoid mad 5:30pm rush
  • Schedule mammogram (ugh)
  • Artkive all the kids artwork from the past five years

OK, what should I do first? Wait, what? What’s that you say? I should IGNORE this list and instead curl up with my book?? Oh no, I couldn’t do that… there’s so much to get done!

What? You think I deserve a break? You’re too kind, really, but define “deserve,” because I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply here. I have a lot of breaks. No, seriously.

But if you’re truly convinced that I should take some time to read this morning, then, maybe I should listen to you. I mean, you sound REALLY sure… almost like you’ve had a premonition of something bad happening if I DON’T take my book out to the patio right now.

What’s that you’re saying now? I should eat some leftover Cannoli Nachos while I read? Oh well now you’re just getting crazy. Because it’s not even 11:00am yet. And also because I just had some last night. I mean, let’s not get carried away.

But if you’re SURE that I should ignore my To Do list and take some time with my book, then who am I to argue? I mean, it doesn’t really feel right… but it also doesn’t feel wrong. I suppose I could just sit outside in the sun for a little bit and enjoy not being sprayed by the hose.

I guess the dishes can wait; they’re certainly not going anywhere. And we do have a lot of extra towels. The bathing suits will eventually just dry on their own… and a little chlorine smell never killed anyone, right?

Yeah, maybe you’re onto something.

US soccer is at 4:00pm so let’s be honest, pizza is PROBABLY in our future AND I can certainly do some cat/cow stretches on my family room floor… so OK, you’re really starting to convince me now!

Mammogram scheduling can wait a day. Artkive-ing has waited five years, another few days of artwork is no big deal. And I’ll just stick a “Watch your step!” Post-It on the basement door… most of the family members can read.

And lastly, I’m SURE expired Epi-Pens don’t lose their effectiveness RIGHT AWAY, right? Aren’t those expiration dates a big pharmaceutical scam? And it’s not like I’m going to give them peanut butter cookies or anything <gulp>, so OK, you’ve sold me… read my book it is!

Hey, THANKS you guys! I really appreciate this encouragement to take some ME time. For what’s it’s worth, I think you guys deserve some Me time today, too. And Cannoli Nachos.

OK then, I’m off to read… good talk.




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  1. Solution for at least one of the open to-dos: Embrace the environmental-friendliness of just leaving the towels and bathing suits to dry in the sun. You can even set up a little drying rack next to your lounge chair so that you are shaded while you are reading your book. Isn’t that helpful?

    I would have said that Cannoli Nachos would have been anti-American to eat on the morning of the big soccer game, but since both Italy and Mexico have been eliminated, you should be fine. Just make sure that you are drinking an AMERICAN beer today with that pizza.

  2. OMG; if talking to yourself is a sign of incipient madness, what does WRITING to yourself portend?!? I don’t think that you need a break, you need HELP!


  3. you to do list sounds exactly like mine..and im sitting here… I wonder what to do when the kids are busy with each other or with friends and I come up with sitting because they are on top of me every other minute wanting to do something..anything!! So quiet time is rare and when its there..take a break!! It will all be there later and another day!! 😉

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