Feeling… Muddley?


OK, first of all, let’s talk about this winter. Here’s mine:

Snow. Snow. Someone’s sick. Snow. Someone’s sick. Snow. Travel to more snow. Travel home in snow. Someone’s sick. And in approximately two hours, more snow.

It’s getting old, right? On one hand, I live in the Northeast and it’s February, so yeah, it’s cold and it’s going to snow. I get that. But on the other hand, I think I speak for most of the country when I say, STOP IT.

We’ve had bad colds, stomach bugs, croup and just this past weekend, I visited the Urgent Care clinic complaining about the cinderblock that landed in my chest (aka bronchitis). Got my first ever Z-Pak, which up until Saturday, I had always thought was some type of Magical Vitamin Cocktail involving a myriad of drugs and herbal remedies. I’ve always sort of wanted to say, “Yeah, I gotta Z-Pak” and now that I have, I feel just a little bit cooler than before. And better. I also feel a lot better.

Yet, I haven’t been able to write more than a few sentences at a time. I’m going to blame the jet lag (yes, from ten days ago… shut up) and the bronchitis and the emotions of traveling and just say that I’ve been feeling a little… muddley. Do you know what I mean?


For the past week, I’ve started several posts but quickly realized that I wasn’t saying anything important, informative or even remotely entertaining. So I’d stop. And maybe I’d eat some pita chips. Or chocolate chips. Any chip would do.

But today, I said, ENOUGH. I’m just going to put something out there.

So, let me tell you a little bit about my trip.

I spent a week in California with one of my, as the young kids say, “besties.” (And if you’re saying it and you’re NOT a young kid, well then… stop). It was amazing to spend time with her and also really enlightening to just drop in and live with another family for a full week. Here’s what I learned in the span of seven days:

  • I learned about how different children can be – for instance, her kids are so quiet! And they don’t wrestle! And they eat bruised apples and bananas with spots without a single complaint. (I told my kids this when I got home and they just stared at me with blank emotionless eyes. Does not compute.)
  • I also learned how, in other ways, kids are all exactly the same:
    • “Can I have a screen? Can I have sugar?” Repeat. All day long.
    • No kid likes to go to bed, but they mostly all love to cuddle when reading bedtime books.
    • They are always listening. I repeat, they are ALWAYS. LISTENING.
    • Mom is the Center of their Universe.
  • I learned that the cycle of meal-prep, dish-washing, toy clean-up and laundry is endless no matter where you live, what kind of kids you have or what else you’re dealing with in your life.
  • I learned that environmentally friendly dryer sheets don’t really work so you have to use four of them per load. And since there’s no way that four “good” sheets is really better than one “bad” sheet, I’m sticking with my Bounce Free.
  • I learned that if you’re visiting the mountains, it’s worth the money to upgrade your car rental to a vehicle with all-wheel drive.
  • I learned that if you drop a bunch of Mint Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke, the soda is supposed to explode out of the top. I also learned that sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.
  • I learned that medical professionals aren’t always that (professional) as I was present for the most infuriating medical encounter of my entire life. My friend was brave and strong and so badass (not a surprise); I was so proud to be her advocate that day.
  • I learned that sometimes when life has dealt you a shitty hand, you just wake up and start each day. You do the first thing you have to do and then you do the next thing you have to do and so on. You take care of your kids and love them and hug them. You see friends. You try to laugh. You cry a little. You drink margaritas. But you stay brave and strong and badass because that’s what gets you through to the next day. And then you start over again the next day. Hopefully, without a hangover.
  • I learned that 42 feels a lot like 22 when your drinking margaritas with your college bestie.
  • I learned that my Village is so goddamn effective, I can leave for a week and my kids will barely notice I was gone.
  • And lastly, I learned that the opposite is also true. I missed my family like crazy. Imagine that.


PS. I hope to return to weekly posts, but I’m not swearing that I’ll do it. And I’m trying not to stress about it. When the muddliness (come on, I might as well take it all the way) goes away, I’ll be back. For what it’s worth, I usually touch base every other day or so on Who Needs A Nap?’s Facebook page, so if you’re interested, “LIKE” our page over there.

PPS. Happy Snow Day… AGAIN.

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  1. An open letter to the village:
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    Not so eloquent but I (we) very much appreciate all of you and the huge effort to survive without Kmac.

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