Resolution Review: 2013


I’ve done NOTHING but eat, sleep and read one-and-a-half books of the Divergent series the past three days (kids? what kids?) when all of a sudden I realized that I owe a blog post. Whenever I realize that I’m “late” with a post (breaking my own “never-go-more-than-a-week” rule) I always have a quick minute of panic before I remember that A) I’m not in college or working for a newspaper anymore, B) therefore, there are no official due dates or deadlines and C) it’s my blog and I’ll nap-instead-of-write if I want to.

Posts come about in different ways. Sometimes I have two or three ideas going at once and the posts come easily and fairly quickly. Other times, I’m struggling for ideas and I force myself to just start writing something and then before I know it, the something has turned into something else entirely and I’ve spent hours writing about a topic that I hadn’t previously given any thought at all. And then there are the cases when I dash something out without really thinking or editing or anything. (Inevitably those are the posts from which I receive the greatest response. Go figure.)

Today is one of those “hmmm… what should I write about?” days. The “Happy Dude not happy at 3:00am” jokes are getting old, the other kids are not doing anything particularly heinous right now (hold on a sec while I knock on the biggest piece of wood I can find), the holidays were uneventful in the best way possible – there was joy and excitement and cuteness, blah blah blah – and if we’re being honest, I’m just feeling way too lazy to be that original or creative.

So, the answer is obvious…  recycle an old post!

I decided to go back to the last year’s post where I outlined our New Year’s Resolutions and see how we did. It just wouldn’t be prudent to formulate new resolutions without seeing where we stand on last year’s. After all, it’s possible we will need to roll over all of last year’s resolutions because we’ve accomplished NOTHING this year. (Forget possible… it’s more than likely.)

So here we go…

First, I had two personal goals…

Resolution #1: Leave the kids with Aunt Lori and Amanda more often and enjoy life without the f***ers.

(Perhaps I should resolve to stop calling my kids f****ers?)

We did OK with this one. KJ and I did overnights away in both April and July (so what if they were both to Mohegan Sun?) AND I did my solo weekend in New York City which was my personal highlight of 2013. (Wait, is that wrong?)

We realize that ten days in Hawaii without the kids is not that realistic right now, so a night away here and there is perfect and we’re VERY grateful that we have the village in place to help us do it. We also took more trips than usual with the whole family (this trip to the Bahamas and this trip to Turk & Caicos among them) so overall, I’m willing to say…


Resolution #2: To write my kids more letters.

February 14thA Love Letter

April 2ndBrothers & Sister

April 25thTo the Nibbit, With Love 

August 22ndHappy Birthday Loud One! 

September 23rdA Letter of Clarification 

November 13thA Letter that Says Nice Things

(And on April 7th, I wrote a birthday letter to my Mom, which wasn’t really part of the resolution but I’m going to count it anyway.)

OK, I don’t know how many I wrote in 2012, but I don’t think it was this many so I’m counting it as a victory.


Wow, two for two on my personal goals. I’d love to say that was totally intentional because I stayed aware of my resolutions for the entire year but that would be a BIG LIE.

Moving onto the resolutions I made on behalf of our whole family…

Family Resolution #1: Improve our tones of voice. It’s simple: YOU stop whining and I’LL stop yelling.


         Verdict: FAIL

Family Resolution #2: I’ll start cooking if you start eating.

Well, this one is tricky. I definitely started cooking more but the bar was set pretty low, so that may not really be an accomplishment. As for the kids eating, the Nibbit is doing pretty well; the Loud One will taste almost anything, but dislikes almost everything; and Happy Dude only eats crap. Hmm.

         Verdict: 50% ACCOMPLISHED

Family Resolution #3: Let’s all stop saying “No” so often.

I gotta say, we rocked this one.

This one was mainly directed at Happy Dude, who is – THANK GOD – mostly out of his “NO!” phase and while I don’t want to jinx anything it’s possibly we’re seeing a Light at the End of the Nibbit Tunnel. And while I know there’s always room for improvement, I was definitely better at saying yes to things like riding bikes, playing games and giving hugs (read the original post before you judge… he uses affection as emotional blackmail!).

         Verdict: ACCOMPLISHED

Family Resolution #4: Eating less sugar (me) and eating more fruits and vegetables (you).


With the exception of the three-week cleanse (which you can read about here, here, here and here) my sugar intake has not decreased at all this year. And that’s putting it mildly.

Fruit smoothies (sometimes with greens snuck in) helped the kids eat more fruits and vegetables, but I’m not sure they get credit if they weren’t aware they were doing it.

         Verdict: FAIL. (Definite roll over)

Family Resolution #5: Let’s all sleep more!

Two out of the three kids are sleeping more. But the one that’s not is really effing with us at night. And you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Therefore…

         Verdict: FAIL (Thanks a lot, Happy Dude.)

Family Resolution #6: Be kind.

Very, very hard to judge but I think we’re doing pretty well. The Loud One came up with several Random Acts of Kindness herself this holiday season and the Nibbit’s teachers tell us that he is always the first to offer a helping hand to his friends at school. (Shut up, I know they tell every parent that, but I’m trying to accomplish something here.) (Wait, that wasn’t very kind. I’m sorry.) Overall, I’m proud of the little people my kids are becoming, so I’m taking this one.

         Verdict: ACCOMPLISHED. 

Final record? 2½ out of 6. Wow, a 42% success rate? That’s pretty terrible. (And yes, I had to ask my brother to calculate that percentage for me.) We must do better. One of my resolutions is going to be to improve our Resolution Success Rate. Now I just have to figure out the rest of our resolutions.

But since it’s only December 29th, what’s the rush? I’ve got another book-and-a-half of the Divergent series to read.

Hope you’re all enjoying your winter holiday.

Dude, look at that list! You're just setting yourself up for failure.

Dude, look at that list! Come on now, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

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