Breakfast Club 2027



The Jock, The Nerd, The Criminal, The Princess, and The Basketcase

The Trucks Guy, The Cars Guy, The Train Guy, The Dancer and The Chicken Marsala Eater


My friend Nicci took this picture at a recent playdate – that’s Happy Dude on the left with his good friends from preschool – and she captioned it:

“What will they become? A druggy, an athlete, confused? The pretty snob, the nerd?”

While she was a little off from the original Breakfast Club list, (I don’t think anyone was labeled “confused,” although they should have been) it is interesting to think… who will these kids become? 

Being three is pretty simple. They play. They laugh. Sometimes they argue over who goes first. But it’s all mostly easy.

But they’ll get older. And things will get more complicated. There will be issues and emotions and yikes – hormones – and probably fights and definitely drama.

They may still love cars and dancing and Chicken Marsala or their tastes may change entirely. They may be jocks. They may be artists. They may be nerds. Hopefully they will NOT be criminals, but honestly, you just never know. (Some of them have been known to walk out of playdates with stolen contraband in their pockets.)

Regardless, it won’t be as easy as it is now.  But hopefully they’ll still be friends.

They might even wear tights… you know, the required uniform.

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