Hermit crabs, Ninja Turtles and Naps


In the spirit of just documenting general life over here, I’m posting a few random stories and photos that will someday make me look back and say, “Aw, I guess they WERE cute sometimes… why was I constantly yelling at them?”

The Loud One is still very much into writing books. Her stories often have a twist ending so I think she may have a future as a thriller/spy novel writer. For now, many of her lead characters are animals suffering some type of injustice.

For instance, a fish in a cave.  Spoiler alert: THAT guy is screwed.

For instance, a fish in a cave.
Spoiler alert: THAT guy is screwed.

PS. I know you’re probably very curious about Little Dude and his adventures, but LO told me that she’s not finished writing that one yet so you’ll have to wait. Will the suspense kill you? Possibly.

LO has also been busy working on her Christmas List. Here’s what she’s got so far.


She aims high.

(She’s actually referencing the ENORMOUS stuffed panda they’re selling at Costco. I told her that Santa probably couldn’t bring her that because there would be no more room on his sleigh for any other toys and wouldn’t she feel bad if she was the ONLY kid to get a present because she asked for something so big? She rolled her eyes at that. We actually have an abundance of eye rolls now that she’s seven.)

The only other thing she has been asking for and asking for and asking for and asking for and asking for is a hermit crab.

I know what you’re thinking. “You’re not considering this, are you? Didn’t you JUST get rid of those rodents?” Yes. Yes, we did. And I still feel a little guilty (although for the record, no one is missing those little f***ers) so she’s got me all thinking, “Well, a hermit crab isn’t SO hard to take care of, right?”

Of course Santa isn’t allowed to bring pets unless he receives a hand-written note from Mom and Dad saying that it’s OK, so she’s really putting the pressure on us.

Pictures and stories like the one below have been appearing on a daily basis. Oh yeah, she’s named her future hermit crab JOSH.

“Josh does not like the word maybe.”  Hahahahahahaha.

“Josh does not like the word maybe.”

Josh letter

Her depiction of Josh has improved over the weeks, has it not?

When I asked the Nibbit if he wanted to work on his Christmas list, he said, “No. I only want a bow and arrows, so I don’t need a list.”


I should be concerned, right?

The Nibbit actually says a lot of funny things these days. In addition to saying, “BLEH, BLEH, BLEH, BLEH… “ (which makes Happy Dude laugh hysterically so I can’t imagine it’s going to stop anytime soon), we also have conversations like this:

Me: Nibbit, what are your favorite things about being 4½?
Nibbit: My school and… going to parties. (Note: I’m certain he will give the same answer at age 19.)
Me: What do you think you’ll be when you grow up?
Nibbit: A firema… I mean, a Ninja Turtle.
Me: Huh, do you think you’ll go to college?
Nibbit: No. That’s it for me.
Me: You mean Ninja Turtling is all you want to do?
Nibbit: Yes. Because I will be awesome at doing that. Because I practice being a Ninja all the time now (sadly, this is true).
Me: But what about…
Nibbit: I don’t have anything else to say.

Can you please leave me the eff alone now?

Would you please leave me the eff alone now?

And just so no one accuses me of playing favorites (which I totally do, of course… just kidding… not really… don’t all parents have a favorite at any given time?), I’ll share one of Happy Dude’s recent masterpieces as well.

HD loves co-wing.  (Say it out loud.)

HD loves co-wing.
(Say it out loud.)

And lastly, I’ll leave you with this…


Naps like this don’t happen very often anymore, so when they do, even though I know we’ll be totally screwed at bedtime when he’s all “I’m not sweepy! I’m never sweeping this night at all because I’m not sweepy even a wittle bit!” I still just sit back and enjoy it.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I love LO’s self portrait next to Josh. Her drawing skills are seriously improving! I also love the Nibbit, even if he has a love of bow and arrows – archery takes skill AND it’s an Olympic sport (I think). He could have asked for a bayonet or a bludgeon… THAT would be worrisome… and that picture of Happy Dude… can’t handle it. It won’t be the same, but you can hold mine whenever you want 🙂

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