Cleanse update… and stuff


Wow, thank you for all of the support! Who knew a cleanse could be so [what’s-a-word-for-“causes-people-to-be-very-supportive?”]

So far, it’s going really well. Some of Team Kombucha, including myself, started on Saturday and did the three-day “pre-cleanse,” which eases you into the habit of eating only “approved foods,” while not limiting the quantity of food you eat. Lots of vegetables, salad, chicken, fish and nuts. No peanut butter M&Ms or Pasta Primavera.

Note: SOME of us did just the two-day pre-cleanse with the one day of Jets tailgating in between. You know who you are. (It was KJ.)

I think the pre-cleanse was a big help. Rather than quitting all-things-deliciously-unhealthy COLD [organic, free-range] TURKEY and severely limiting your solid food intake at the same time, you drop the unhealthy crap first and then, three days later, you start sipping your meals. Smoothie for breakfast, solid meal (protein, vegs, grains), soup for dinner. Minimal snacks allowed, but not encouraged.

Day 1: Lunch

Day 1: Lunch

So, now we’re mid-Day 2 and so far, so good. I was happy to finally get started yesterday morning and haven’t had any dramatic side effects thus far.

I did completely snap at my kids this afternoon but that was only after the Loud One gave me a really hard time about doing her FIRST EVER homework assignment (it’s gonna be a loooong 11 years). And right after that, I was informed that Happy Dude had cut open his toe and had managed to stamp a bloody toe print on every single step in the staircase as well as on the only expensive rug in my house. And immediately after that, the Nibbit opened his hand in front of me and said, “What’s THIS?” and it was a dead bug so I said, “It’s a dead bug,” to which he promptly responded, “EW!” and dropped it right on the floor.

That’s when I lost it a little bit about how I’m tired of them simply DROPPING things wherever they happen to be when they’re done using/eating/wearing/playing with something. And then I snapped, “AH! I need a break!” which probably made Amanda snicker because she’s doing all the hard work today and I haven’t even been with them that much this afternoon.

And THAT’S when I realized that cranky is on the list of cleanse side effects, so maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’m not as “symptom-free” as I thought I was.

In the cleanse’s defense (although I’m not sure why I feel like I have to defend something that has taken away so much of what I love), I might be a tad cranky because Happy Dude has decided that 2:00am is the PERFECT time to rid himself of his now-inappropriate nickname.

He believes 2:00am is the perfect time to be “all done with sleeping!” and to emphasize that point by having textbook temper tantrums in the middle of the hallway when I try to take him back to bed.

He believes that “Nothin’!” is an appropriate answer to the questions, “Do you have to go potty?” and “It’s time to go back to bed now… do you want to walk or should I drag carry you?” And guess what, IT’S NOT.

This is NOT what he looks like at 2:00am. But I don't have any pictures of that.

This is NOT what he looks like at 2:00am. But I don’t have any pictures of THAT.

OK, so I MIGHT be a teeny tiny bit out-of-sorts.

Of course, it’s also… today. There’s that. What today is. What today means. What happened today, 12 years ago. How can it be 12 years already? It’s such a dark day… doesn’t everybody feel a tiny bit off?

Because we’re only two weeks into school, I’m still managing to use a weekly family calendar so that the Loud One doesn’t ask me, “Do we have any plans today?” 112 times over the course of the day. I’m sure the calendar will only last another week or two, but while the calendar hangs, the kids ask me first thing pre-coffee herbal tea, “What’s today?” and I give them the day and date.

Today, they asked, “What’s today?” and I said, “It’s Wed. September 11th,” and then I paused. They didn’t. They didn’t blink an eye. They don’t understand… yet.

I have a very dear friend who performs random acts of kindness with her kids every 9/11. The kids don’t know why yet, but she hopes that when they do, they’ll understand that kindness is just what they do on that day. I love that.

In the spirit of kindness, I’m going to apologize to my kids before they go to bed. I’m going to say that I’m sorry for being so snippy today and that – cleanse or no cleanse – I’m going to try harder tomorrow to not snap.

Then I’m going to BEG Happy Dude to stay in his bed all night.

Then I’m going to make a big cup of herbal tea.

PS. Thanks again for all of the encouragement… it really helps and it means a lot!

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