Happy 7th, Loud One!


Dear Loud One,



What did I tell you last year about getting older? Not acceptable. You need to just stay six and every year we’ll celebrate your sixth birthday and talk about how remarkable it is that you can read Shakespeare and do advanced algebra at such a young age. 

Because seven? Seven is SO MUCH OLDER than six! More than just 365 days older…

Six is a “little kid.” Seven is BIG.

I actually think the transition from the -6 to the -7 is the biggest in any decade. For example…

16 year-old… is young, giggly and still completely immature.
17 year-old… is driving, over all the teen drama and thinking about the future.

26 year-old… is still partying and not really worrying about what she should be doing.
27 year-old… OK, it’s time for her to get her shit together.

36 year-old… is in her mid-30s and still feels really young.
37 year-old… yeah, she’s pushing 40.

And so on….

Anyway, Loud One, you may be a big kid, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re awesome. Here are the biggest reasons why:

You have the most incredible ability to look at the bright side.
“It’s raining at my birthday party? Well, that’s because it’s a backwards, crazy, opposite party, so since we wanted it to be SUNNY, it’s RAINY instead!! Get it? It was supposed to happen this way!!”

You are always looking forward to something…
You wake up every morning saying, “I can’t wait for… the first day of school/to use my new toothpaste/for Grandma’s visit/to see my cousins!!”

…yet, you also completely live in the present.
Despite your high expectations for life, you’re never let down and you’re never disappointed when that thing is over. You look forward to something. You enjoy it. It ends and you move on to the next thing. Done and done. Let me tell you LO, if you can keep doing this, you will be HAPPY.

You LOVE to make people laugh.
I have no idea where this comes from… 🙂

LO, you’re something special. You have a big heart and an even bigger spirit. Let it grow and keep being you.

Because who you are, is perfect. Loud, but perfect.

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my seven-year old dynamo… I can’t wait for all my tomorrows with you!



Celebrating with a Backwards, Upside-down, Opposite, Crazy Party!

Seven looks inside-out and crazy... and TALL.

Seven looks inside-out and crazy… and TALL. When did that happen?


Just some of the cousins that joined in the backwards, wacky fun

Just some of the cousins that joined in the backwards, wacky fun!

Cake first!

Cake first!

Happy Birthday, Big Kid.

She has been in motion since the day she was born… Happy Birthday, Big Kid.

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