Friday Funnies… on Thursday


This is the funny (you be the judge of that) stuff that happened in our house this week.


The Loud One has been brainstorming on themes for her birthday party. She was considering a car wash theme (inspired by a party the Nibbit recently attended) and then THIS conversation happened:

Her: How about a Chinese party?
Me: Ummm… ok, tell me more.
Her: Well, we can play Chinese games and all the signs can be in Chinese.
Me: Hmm… that’s very creative and I like the idea of exploring other cultures, but it might be tricky since we can’t speak, read or write Chinese.
Her: Yeah, I know, THAT’S what we would do at the party… LEARN CHINESE! (implied duh)
Me: Um, well, we’d probably only be able to learn like one or two words because learning any new language is REALLY hard and birthday parties are usually only like two hours long.
Her: Oh. I really like the idea of a Chinese party.
Me: Ok, we’ll add it to the list!

According to her, she does NOT want an animal party because she’s already done that “like 100 times.” (In reality, ONCE.)

Then she suggested a circus party where we can all wear elephant and zebra masks and play “pin the wheel on the unicycle.”

Come ON. Where is this kid’s imagination? I offered her a Willy Wonka party with a chocolate river (OK, brown butcher paper spread out in the backyard, but still cool, right?) and she’s all, “I wanna learn Chinese and wear a zebra mask.” Whatever. We’re still working on it.



Happy Dude finally mastered (well, sort of) the Art of the Two Thumbs Up. I’m not gonna lie… he’s struggled with this a bit. Were we worried? Yup, maybe a tiny bit.

It only took a carnival car ride to bring it out of him… we should have known.

It only took a carnival car ride to bring it out of him… we should have known.


The Nibbit started swim camp. This was the FIRST DAY. At the end of this VERY FIRST DAY of camp, the Director told me that he had a hard time keeping his hands – and HIS TONGUE – to himself. HIS TONGUE?

We had a long talk about it and he told me that “everyone was using their tongue silly.” Somehow I doubt that.

Yup, I am publishing this story here just in case I’m not around for his wedding… I would like SOMEBODY to bring up the fact that the Nibbit got in trouble for using his tongue inappropriately on his first day of camp at his rehearsal dinner.



Happy Dude repeatedly asked for more “floozies.” As in “I have more floozies please?” and “I looooove floozies!”

Ya know, the drinks we make in the blender with ice, milk, yogurt and frozen fruit? Floozies.



Me to LO: Don’t be such a drama queen.
HD: Hey, she’s like Lightning McQueen.






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  1. Not enough people use the term floozie anymore – I’m happy to see HD brining it back! 🙂

    I don’t have kids but I absolutely LOVE your blog – keep ’em coming!

  2. Kids do say the darndest things! I wish I was a fly on the wall just listening to children talk to each other, It would brighten my day! They are so cute. Two thumbs up!!

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