Happy Birthday, Mom


Dear Mom,

Happy [mumble number]th Birthday!

IMG_0613 - Version 2

I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to publish your age in this public forum – where at least 18 people will read this – and I can respect that.

I’ve been writing a post about you that I think you’re going to love. But it’s not ready yet, so I’ll save that for later this week.

In the meantime, in honor of your birthday, I’ve made a list of all the things I’m going to do today. Well, all the things I’m going to THINK about doing today. I’ve put in it list form because, well, they didn’t call you “Steps” for nothing. (To be honest, I would have done the list anyway… the organized apple didn’t fall far from the organized tree and all that.)

Here we go:

  • I’m going to make sauce, with the sausage “just for flavor” … even though I hate the flavor.
  • I’m going to eat it with a steak because I just feel like I need some red blood cells.
  • I’m going to make sure all of the food is HOT.
  • I’m going to remind my kids to always “be aware.” Of everything. All the time.
  • I’m going to use the diffuser on my hair because it gives it a “nicer curl.” Then, I’m going to pull it half back because it just “frames my face nicely.”
  • I’m going to tell my kids “I just need a hug today” and squeeze them a little bit tighter and longer than necessary.
  • I’m going to watch out for wet leaves on the road. (Those things are sneaky killers.)
  • I’m going to try to get a stranger to tell me his/her life story and then say, “I don’t know why… people just like to tell me things.”
  • I’m going to call Aunt San four times and then sigh heavily and say, “Oh San…”
  • I’m going to invite everyone I know over to my house and of course, I’ll have chips and dip and ten other snacks out. When they try to leave, I’m going to tell them to stay just a little bit longer. Then I’m going to invite them to move in.
  • While they’re here, I’m going to feed them a big meal. We’ll have pasta to start and maybe a filet. Oh and a turkey… as a side dish. And I’ll make sure I have everyone’s favorites. (I’m not going to make brisket because even though it’s Lori’s favorite, according to her, no one can make it as good as yours.)
  • I’m going to spend the whole time everyone is here bragging about my kids.
  • I may read someone a press release about Tom.
  • I’m going to drink a giant glass of Chardonnay.
  • I’m going to have my picture taken and do the [look down for 1…2…3… ] head flip! maneuver.
  • I’m going to call Hong Kong Kitchen and place an order in your honor.
  • I’m going to remind my kids AGAIN that they have a grandmother named Didi in heaven that would have loved them more than anyone else in the entire world.
  • I’m going to think about a lifetime of happy memories that you created on Valley View Drive, both before and after you knocked down the kitchen wall so that you wouldn’t miss out on any conversations.
  • I’m going to curse fucking cancer to hell and back.
  • I’m going to curl up under the Monster blanket and miss you big.
  • And I’m going to do – or think about doing – ALL of this while wearing an OUTFIT.

Because I spend a lot of money on clothes and why do I always have to look like a ragamuffin?

Happy Birthday, Mom.


"Oh Tom, you make me laugh."

Celebrating your 60th… “Oh Tom, you make me laugh.” 



This was your last birthday that we celebrated together. You were really sick, but we still had quite the dessert spread. 


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  1. No house ever smelled as good as that house when your mom was cooking. I laughed out loud at making someone read a press release about Tom and about asking people to stay longer and move in. We all love the blankets she made us and, at Jeanne’s, it’s the blanket the kids snuggle under when they’re watching a movie, and I think she’d like that.
    This is perfect and I’m pretty sure she’s making someone in heaven read it right now.

  2. There isn’t a love button on this…but love it!!! I always loved sharing my birthday with Aunt Diane and always, Always remember her yelling at my mom that she shouldve waited to have me on her birthday!!! I miss the BIG macaroni bowl, turkey steak, and the kids table!!! Even when were big enough to sit with the adults, we didnt!!!! I have a BIG wine glass that I may just have to fill up today for her!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Aunt Diane!!!! Miss you very much!!!!

  3. This is so your mom, my sister. You nailed it to a T. You made the memories so vivid that I can’t believe it was ten years ago. I love the pictures and she looked beautiful. Happy Birthday DiDi love you! Thanks Kris. I will comment on your blog tomorrow, my computer won’t let me and the tech that I am, I don’t know how to fix it. Love ya, Aunt San

  4. I remember celebrating Easter there….exactly as described…she was so warm, loving and welcoming. Xoxo to you are send them to your mom too.


  5. It took a few times for me to get through this blog…She was my big sister, but she was like a mother to me…She will always be in my heart..

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  7. You made me cry and laugh again. I love reading that letter. It brings back so many memories. Great, funny and sad memories. Thanks.

  8. Hi Krissy, I go back to your beautiful grandparents. The Ganci & Bidetti family were always together. We even celebrated every Christmas Eve together. I have such beautiful memories of Mary & Mickey. We were so close with your mom, Sandra, Michael & Linda. Your mom was always beautiful, inside & out. I remember her voice and her marriage to Tom. I loved your grandmother Mary. She was very special to me and I felt I lost a mother when she passed. Very sad how we call life takes over. How we lost contact, I do not know. I want to Say Happy Birthday Diane! She is in a sacred place, where she definity belongs…

  9. I am crying and laughing again. Every year I still get so emotional when I read this letter. It just brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing it with everyone again. Patricia your response brought back the wonderful times our families spent together. Thank you.

  10. Hi Sandra and Krissy, I agree, I have great memories of our families on Christmas Eve. The gifts, the food, playing cards and so on. I also have memories of the beauty parlors. I used to get my hair done there.although, my fondest memory is being in Diane and Tom’s wedding. I savor the charm they gave me for being a bride’s maid. Diane was a beautiful person ( heart and soul )
    Happy birthday in heaven Diane. God Rest your Soul. N

  11. oops you did it again!! I love this annual birthday letter to your mom. It still makes me cry and laugh at the same time. Beautiful and sad memories that will live with us forever! Hi cousin Mona, I see your beautiful family on facebook. Happy Birthday DiDi!!

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