A Lazy Happy New Year


It’s true what they say about writing. The more you write, the easier it becomes. That’s not to say the quality necessarily improves, but the rush of ideas comes easier, flows faster. The stories, the questions, the insights, the jokes… it all pours out when you’re doing it on a regular basis.

But then you take a break and it all goes to hell. The ideas just get all jammed up. Muddled. Foggy. My brain feels like quicksand… an idea pops up, but then it starts to sink back down and I feel it slipping out of my hands, even though I desperately try to pull it back up and make it work.

That’s how I feel right now. I really wanted to kick off this year with some grand, inspirational, beautifully written post about the miracles of the holiday season and the fantastic promise of another New Year.

Guess what. I didn’t.

I was slightly derailed by the flu that landed me in bed for half of my Florida vacation last week. And after that, I was more than slightly derailed by the laziness that took over once I was recovered. I really, really wanted to write something special but instead I watched movies and listened to books on tape. (Yup, I was too lazy to even READ words.)

So, here we are. Two days into 2013 and I’ve got nothing close to beautiful or inspirational. Dammit.

I could talk about how Christmas was mostly perfect this year. (I say mostly, because nothing is ever 100%, right? Loved ones were missed, out loud and in moments of quiet. Nothing can ever be 100%.)

We spent a lot of quality, chaotically-fun time with both sides of our families. In two days, we saw 15 cousins, ate 18 desserts, opened 547 presents, sang “The 12 Days of Christmas,” and shared countless laughs. Lots of food, lots of presents, lots of noise, so much love = mostly perfect.

I could talk in more detail about the magic of Christmas morning with the Loud One, the Nibbit and Happy Dude, but I don’t have to, do I? I imagine so many of us were feeling pretty blessed at 6:30am that morning, with bright eyes, huge smiles, bouncing feet, yelps of joy, huge messes and of course, giant cups of hot coffee.

(Plus, if I start talking about things like the “magic of Christmas morning,” you will all wonder what has happened to me and think about whether or not you want to keep reading. I get it… I’ll shut up about the magic.)

As for my New Year’s Resolutions, they’re a work in progress. I haven’t really solidified any goals the past few years because since I’ve had kids, I always kind of think “Make it through every day without killing anyone” is enough. And I don’t really see the need to put that one in writing.

This year, I am thinking about some others, so maybe I’ll publish those in the coming weeks. (Mostly, I’m working on resolutions for my kids. They have a lot of growing to do this year and I’m the one that’s going to help push them in the right direction. Improved reading skills, listening ears, muscle tone… you know, the usual.)

So, here it is…

  • I hope your holiday season was, yes, magical. Let’s all file our memories away in the bank to be pulled out when our kids are obnoxious teenagers and we need to remember back to when Christmas morning was about something other than new electronics.
  • New Years resolutions are in the works; I’m definitely going to be better this year. I’m not sure exactly how, but figuring it out is Resolution #1.
  • I should never take an entire week off from writing. Because it all goes to crap when I do.

Happy New Year, everybody. May 2013 be full of mostly perfect.




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