Friday Funnies


So, KJ and I are heading into the city to see Ben Folds Five play in Central Park tonight. I know, I know, 1995 called and it wants its Friday Night Date back.

Here’s the thing… I am a HUGE Ben Folds fan. Just Ben Folds, not the Five. I don’t know the Five, I don’t love the Five. But Ben Folds’ solo stuff is really great and he’s completely whackadoodle on the piano and his live shows are very, very much fun.

But now he’s reunited with the Five and they have a new album. So, live music and it’s in Central Park and it’s a gorgeous day and my kids won’t be there, so we’re going. And yes, I’ll be wearing a scrunchie in my hair.

Here’s are a few things that made me laugh this week:



(I know I link to this same site all the time, but c’mon… are you reading them?? They are SO FUNNY. I’m going to start tweeting as soon as I can be as funny as these people.)

3. These “90s PROBLEMS,” starring Weeping Dawson

If you ever watched Dawson’s Creek (which I’m pretty sure includes A LOT of you) or if you lived through the 90s (and I’m pretty sure this includes ALL of you), click on this and laugh.

4. And one quick Loud One quote…

After explaining that The Nibbit would get to use the family star plate that night because he had a great first day at school, we had this exchange:

LO: But Happy Dude had his first day at school, too … why doesn’t he get it?
Me: Well, he’s a little younger and doesn’t really understand what the plate means, so I don’t think he’ll be upset. Plus…

We don’t want anyone eating this masterpiece.

As always, please share your own funny stories/quotes/etc. in the comments section. If we get more than 30, I’ll post a picture of me wearing my scrunchie.

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  1. So if I make the same comment 30x over will it qualify.
    Desperate to see the scrunchie look. If you post yours I’ll post mine after I go to new order gig next month!
    Enjoy the freedom!

  2. Hi.
    Love the blog. I am getting a little bent out of shape about you must love my lifestyle but yours is absolutley wrong. I believe in the right of gays to get married but I also believe in the right of people not to agree not to get pursecuted. I don’t think either group has the right to tell the other what to do. The same people who think everyone must believe in gay marriage must believe in abortion and the limit imposed on Big Gulp drinking in New York. Really does one person who believes in the right to life be any less heard than the one who doesn’t. Gay marriage to the person who believes marriage is just between a man and woman. Can’t both sides be tolerant of the other? Who gets to decide. These are local topics not ones to be decieded on be the Federal Government. Morgan’s Freeman’s comments are just as intolerant and those he is speaking against.

    • Tired of Hearing, thanks for your comment. Two things:

      1. I think Morgan Freeman might argue that unlike the other specifics you cited (abortion, the Big Gulp ban and even gay marriage), homophobia is not an “issue” on which there are two sides that could be debated respectfully. I think he would argue that homophobia is, to put it lightly, a discrimination of gay people (one that often manifests itself in hate and violence) and that no, nobody should be more tolerant of any kind of discrimination. I would have to agree with him.

      2. This is NOT a funny story so it will not count towards the 30 comments needed for a scrunchie photo. 🙂

  3. I was able to spend just a few minutes with LO yesterday but she had quite the stream of consciousness regarding marriage that had me laughing… how we got to the subject is a different story…

    Me: Look at that cute chocolate lab, it looks just like the one I had growing up.
    LO: You had a chocolate lab before Griffey?
    Me: Yep! I had two actually, but now I just have Griffey.
    LO: I really want to have a dog when I’m grown up and married. I’m going to marry someone that isn’t allergic to anything.
    Me: Sometimes you can’t help who you love.
    LO: You can’t marry your brothers, though, right? Did you know that?
    Me: I was aware of that, yes, and you can’t marry cousins, either.
    LO: How come?
    Me: Because you already love them so much already. (Had only a second to answer and this is what came out)
    LO: I already know someone I can marry that isn’t allergic to anything. Maybe I will marry him so I can get a dog. But can you marry your friend?
    Me: Yes, you can definitely marry your friend. I think Mommy and Daddy were friends first, you will have to ask Mommy. (Nonchalantly) Is it a boy in your class?
    LO: Yes, it’s J _ _ _ _ _.
    Me: (Nonchalantly again) Oh, cool.

    Maybe her first crush?!

    You get that girl alone in the car and she just TALKS. And I love it.

  4. I have never commented here before (lurker!) but I’m willing to further the cause of the scrunchie reveal. I still have a t-shirt around somewhere from an awesome Erasure show circa 85 at Jones Beach….at which Andy Bell participated in a faux marriage ceremony with a guy in a Jolly Green Giant costume….so there you go, that brings it all full circle with the music and the gay marriage. I still don’t hear “Give a little respect tooooo meeeee” without thinking fondly of the Jolly Green Giant.

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