EW.com post: TV for Laundry Days


I have a new, short, fluffy post on EW.com. I’m PRETTY SURE the first commenter calls me stupid, but let me know what you think.

Also, just in case you’re confused… the photo accompanying the piece (also shown below) is actually NOT ME; it’s Emily VanCamp, star of Revenge. I know the resemblance is striking, so I didn’t want you to be confused.

So, if you have a spare 8 seconds (I’m not kidding when I say it’s short and fluffy), please read on…

Back to School TV for Mom


You totally might have thought that was me if I hadn’t told you, right? Yup, thought so.


4 responses »

  1. She watches Masterpiece Mystery? Is she 80? I love Revenge – I laugh out loud at your blog. Clearly Erin is in an orbit of her own. Rascal included.

  2. We all know Erin…she “rarely watches tv, unless there’s something interest on the History channel or maybe a good documentary.” get over yourself girlfriend. You dvr the kardashians AND YOU KNOW IT! Don’t let her rain on your parade. Revenge is the bomb.

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