Here you go, Inquiring Minds…


I’m going to take a break from my regularly scheduled weekly scholarly observations on the behavioral patterns of children who are only fed beige food and take a few minutes to answer some questions that I’ve been asked repeatedly since launching this blog in January.

  1. “What made you start the blog?”
  2. “What are your goals for this blog?”
  3. “How many people are reading it?”

To test the people who have asked, I’m going to post the answers here and then I’ll know if they’re really reading or not. Mwah ha ha ha!

1. I started writing this blog for a couple of reasons:

a. I wanted something to do that wasn’t all about my kids. I know… the irony is not lost on me. This blog is usually all about my kids, right? But it’s not. It’s about taking time away from playing puppy and Goldfish crackers and yelling disciplining to do something that I really like to do. Something that makes me feel productive. Believe me, I would scrapbook if it wasn’t so… hey, I don’t want to offend scrapbookers here (especially because I secretly envy them) but we all know where I’m going with this. So instead, I do this. No puffy stickers, but at least I’m documenting memories. (Although, I’m sure by the time my kids are old enough to enjoy these posts, we’ll have to get the web pages converted to some super high-tech not-yet-invented technology, but whatever. [Was anyone else as intimidated by the microfiche machine as I was??])

b. I like to write stuff down. Real-life stories, made-up stories, gossip, whatever. I like to put words on paper. And if those words can make people laugh? BO. NUS.

That’s it. Those are all the reasons. Two of them.

2. As for my goals for this blog?

a. Keep writing it. At least once a week.

That’s it. One goal.

But trust me, that is enough. Believe me when I say that I’m fairly unmotivated. OK, let’s just call it what it is: lazy. And as much as I enjoy writing for the blog, it’s very easy to procrastinate and do the ten twenty other things on my To Do list first. Especially because this doesn’t HAVE to get done. Like meals HAVE to be prepared for my kids (and I use the term “meals” VERY lightly). Like diapers HAVE to be changed… and bought. Like cookies HAVE to be eaten.

I did NOT start this blog for any of the following reasons:

  • to make money
  • to get famous
  • to meet famous people
  • to be invited to appear on the Today Show

Side note: I was actually invited to the Today Show once. I said no. They wanted me to talk about celebrity gossip and I was afraid that Tom McCrazy Cruisey would sue me if I mocked his – ahem – religion on TV. Also, I had already met Matt Lauer on the street when he stopped and told me how cute my baby was (duh) and meeting Matt Lauer would really be the only point of going on the Today Show, am I right?? Imagine if they had stuck me with Ann Curry??

“Tell me Krissy Mac, <leaning in close, using her most sensitive, ‘I feel your pain’ voice> how do you FEEL when you see Brangelina on the cover of Us Weekly AGAIN? What exactly does it do to your heart? Well, I know I speak for America when I say that we are on your side… whatever side that is.

 And I’d be all, “Yeah, Ann, I’m sure I speak for America – and Matt Lauer – when I say BRING MEREDITH BACK!!”

3. Lastly, as for how many readers I have… I don’t really know. The site says I have 100 followers… that’s YOU guy probably reading this via email on your tiny little iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry. And I can also tell how many people actually visit the site on a daily basis – my low is 12. (How awesome is that? Even on a random day, six days after I last posted, 12 people stopped by. Thank you 12 random people!)

What I can’t tell is how many people are reading this through a RSS feed (if any) or if people are forwarding this to friends who are then reading it on their iPhones, Droids or Blackberries, etc.

Hey, if you’re reading this WAVE TO ME so I can get a solid headcount. Thanks.

So there are your answers, Inquiring Minds. Now what else do you want to know?

Stay tuned for next week’s Sneak Peek into the Weekly Dinner Menu at my house. Aw hell, I won’t make you wait. It goes like this:

Monday – Chicken Nuggets

Tuesday – Pasta

Wednesday – Pizza (but the healthy Amy’s kind)

Thursday – Mac & Cheese (but the healthy… ah, nevermind)

Friday – Breakfast for Dinner (i.e. Fruit Loops. I take it literally. We don’t have scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and berries for actual breakfast so why would I serve it at Breakfast for Dinner?)

Saturday – Dad’s grilling! Burgers!

Sunday – Grilled cheese or wait for it… cheese quesadillas! (Ethnic night!)

Don’t you feel good about yourself right about now? You’re welcome.

PS. On the off-chance that I someday write something that is controversial or interesting or incredibly offensive to a great number of people and my site views go way up and advertisers start to call and want to pay me big money to put their logos on this site (hey, why are you laughing? That can totally happen! I offend people all the time!), I may say yes, depending on who they are. And then I will take that money and send it straight back out to someone or some group that is doing way more impressive work than most of the rest of us. (Like the staff of Us Weekly.) Promise!

13 responses »

    • I see you… Nancy. Michael. Whomever you are.

      (Just kidding, but you should know that all of your comments have been showing up as Michael lately. I’ve always known it was you. 🙂

  1. I’m here. I’m reading. I’m laughing at …oh,uh, I mean waving. I’m WAVING at you. I would NEVER laugh you. Not out in the open where you can see me and stuff. Waving. Just waving. Hello over there!

  2. SEE, I knew there was another reason we were meant to be BFF’s, even without the AC, because I (still) LOVE Matt Lauer too! Also, you forgot one more goal: to make everyone’s day. (P.S. for all of her real BFF’s out there who are like “who is this jen girl?” don’t worry, it isn’t official, I haven’t given her the necklace yet… but once I do, move over…). When/if I see you at school tomorrow I will make a point to wave.

  3. QVC???? When is the post on this life experience coming, I cant wait. Anyway expecting my invite to Friday dinner, can I bring along Cocoa Krispies (aka Coco Pops for any Australians reading this). Always waving!

    • Off to Salzburg, Vienna and Rome tonight and for the next 9 days; back on the 12th. Can I get your blog in Europe,? does it have a passport? pay a tariff? Is the Pope a subscriber? Should he be? (Yes)


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