Ripped from the [Us Weekly] Headlines


I undertook a daunting task today. I cleaned out my bag. It took a long time. I’m not sure how it ever got to this state as I’m usually a compulsive freak fairly-organized person. But just for kicks, and because I’ll probably  never be featured in the real Us Weekly, I thought I’d do a little segment called…

What’s In My Bag?

Here’s my list, with some photos below, but without the uber-expensive designer make-up.

  • One Whole Foods receipt (guess how much it was for and I’ll give you a prize hug round of applause)
  • Two tubes of Blistex Silk & Shine lip balm. Ooh yeah, baby.
  • One Kindergarten class list (has this been in my bag since September?)
  • One application for summer camp… due on March 14th
  • One Target receipt (guess how much it’s for and I’ll give you the Whole Foods receipt)
  • A bookmark that reads, “The dog is everybody’s friend.”  This one is especially odd because first of all, there is no book and second of all, I don’t really like dogs.
  • Two small Starbucks straws. (Fun fact about me! I ONLY like the small SBs straws. Even with a Venti drink, I still need a small straw. I keep a few extra on hand because it seems hard for some people to remember this fun fact about me. But NOT my husband. Nope, not talking about him.)
  • One Husky, one tiger and one sparkly, shiny gold and green stuffed frog
  • Three lollipops (two DumDum, one Tootsie)
  • One Splenda (don’t use this artificial crap… it’ll kill you, ya know)
  • One roll of Scotch tape. No dispenser. Just the roll.
  • Seven pens. Seven. Because you never know when six might run out of ink.
  • Six Magic Markers. Because you never know when that seventh pen might run out of ink. And you absolutely need to be able to draw at the diner.
  • One travel size baby powder. Great for getting sand off of wet feet. (And as substitute deodorant. Not that I’ve tried that.)
  • A grocery list on which the only items are “Pickles (spears and chips), granola, ricotta cheese” (Bon Appetit!)
  • One snack bag of semi-crushed Christmas M&Ms. (I’ve actually noticed these in there a few times, but I keep putting them back in… who can part with a bag of M&Ms?)
  • Three hair barrettes and two elastics. (Yet, I can never find one when I need one)
  • Ear mitts (you’ll see)
  • One receipt from Hands on Pottery for two ceramic puppies (Loud One) and one plate (me)
  • Two dried-up baby wipes. Clean, I hope.
  • Two pairs of junky sunglasses because my good ones are missing. Happy Dude loves to try them on. And eat them.
  • Two flower and three Diego stickers from the dentist. “Hola Baby Jaguar!” 
  • One checkbook… with no checks
  • A whole boatload of crumpled tissues. Clean, I hope.
  • Ooooh! I just found my good sunglasses… right next to the nail file. Fantastic.
  • One crushed free-sample cup from the grocery store
  • An unopened tube of hand-sanitizer. (I don’t want my kids becoming immune to that Super Germ. Or whatever.)
  • One red train (Percy?)
  • One mysterious yellow-and-black plastic thing
  • And this:






I’m sorry, I promise this is usually a family-friendly website.

I wasn't kidding about the sparkly frog.












See? Ear mitts










Is it just me or does this photo make you want to scrapbook?













Identify Yourself, Mysterious Yellow-and-Black Thing!










Free refills?










Still look delicious to me!










PPS. This was fun. Next week, I may do a “Krissy Mac: She’s Just Like Us!” segment and show you pictures of me taking out the garbage.

PS. *Real* post coming tomorrow morning. I know you’re PSYCHED.

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