The Baby


You’ll be happy to know that I’m down to my last kid. You’re all, “Enough of the introductions already!” Well, this will be [fairly] short and [mostly] sweet. Kind of like him.

Seriously, this baby has been nothing but joy since Day One.

Although Day One didn’t arrive quite as smoothly as I would have liked. I had a scheduled c-section and still managed to screw it up by contracting a vicious stomach flu two days before my surgery date.

Please take a moment and try to imagine having the stomach flu – and all the glory that comes with it – while NINE MONTHS PREGNANT. Hello? (Thank you fellow moms… I can hear you groaning from here.) It was not easy. It was not fun. And it was most definitely NOT pretty.

So instead of checking into the hospital and getting a baby, I checked into the hospital and got an IV drip to treat my dehydration… for three days in a row. AWESOMESAUCE. I also got a, “So sorry we have to postpone the birth of your child, but since you can’t stop vomiting long enough to tell us your name, we think it’s best we wait… um, Jane Doe.”

Side note: If you’re eating dinner, don’t read this. (Sorry, was that too late?)

But it all worked out the way it was supposed to because this kid was lucky from [his] Day 1: he ended up being born on 11/1 at 11:11am. Crazy, right? And much cooler than 10/28 at 11:11am which would have been BOR-ING.

ANYWAY, once he finally arrived, he was super-easy. He slept through the night at like three weeks old. Ate easily. Ate often. Ate whatever we put in front of him. He smiled early and all the time. And he was perfectly content to just be around his big brother and sister.

And I can honestly say, that he has stayed super easy… he still sleeps straight through approximately 13 hours a night. He still eats easily, often and MOSTLY whatever we put in front of him (although he’s pretty partial to foods that aren’t healthy… isn’t the whole genetics thing CRAZY?). And he’s still perfectly content to just be around play Wrestle Baby with his big brother and sister.

He was a bit late hitting those early milestones, but I was NOT complaining. I had a smiling eight-month old that would sit happily and not move. Who the hell cared that the experts said he was supposed to be rolling, sitting, crawling and basically driving by then… I was busy enough with the Loud One and the Nibbit. His immobility was a relief.

That’s all in the past anyway. Now he’s a little crazy man who is constantly on the go and always wants to be outside. He loves to bring us his shoes and drag us by hand to the front door. (Subtlety –> not his strong point.)

He has very strong opinions now and although he can’t really express them with words, he manages to make himself VERY clear. He can be very serious around strangers, but if you can spare a treat, you’ll have a friend for life. (Just ask my neighbor… she’s currently in the process of buying his affection with daily Popsicles.)

Mostly, he’s still all smiles.

So it is with that introduction, that I christen my baby with the blog name, Happy Dude. (I know, it’s not the most creative name. Or the funniest. But it suits him. And it feels good to be positive for once. So shut up.)

And now that I’ve written all of this, I feel 100% certain that tomorrow morning, he will wake up spewing fire and using his cuteness for evil instead of good. He will probably stop sleeping and start screaming “NO!” every other minute.

But for now, I’m happy to say that after almost seventeen months, I’m pretty sure we made the right choice having that third kid.

You can judge for yourself…














































(If you’re reading this on your phone … you’ve missed out on all the cute photos. So get back to your computer and log onto the real site. You’ll also be impressed by my pretty masthead.)

And there you have them:  The Loud One, Happy Dude & the Nibbit. Welcome to my family.








PS. This was not short at all. Sorry.


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  1. What a cutie…it runs in the family!
    Sure you don’t want to try for four? We got pretty lucky with four and would highly recommend it!

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