Things I Debated Before Starting This Blog


1. Whether or not I should start this blog: I’m still not sure. But I’m counting on you people to let me know. But be gentle and kind; I’m sensitive and shit.

2. Domain name: This felt as important to me as naming my own kids. I mean, once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. And I really don’t want my blog to get its ass kicked on the blog playground.

All I knew was that I didn’t want it to have Mommy or Mama in the name. As in or PUH-LEASE. I did consider, but I didn’t want you people to get the wrong idea about me. (You know, that I drink. A lot. Using a straw. Before noon. By myself. While hiding in my pantry.) I want you to get to know me a bit first, THEN turn and run in the other direction.

Then, a few weeks ago, I had a GENIUS idea. It just came to me in a dream. Are you ready? Here it is: SO GOOD, RIGHT?? But then freakin’ Jay and Bey have to go and STEAL MY NAME. Right before I’m about to launch?? WTF?

Finally, I just bit the bullet and said, “Kmac, that’s enough… the NEXT idea you come up with is IT.”  Well, that idea was, which might have been fine until some quick punctuation changes revealed that it could also read: I thought that might actually be sending the wrong message. I mean, I don’t want to discriminate. If advertisers come a’knockin’ who am I to turn them away? Regardless of their profession. BUT I also want you nice people to be able to read this at work. So for YOUR sake, I passed on that idea. You’re welcome.

Then, I yawned, thought “I really need a nap,” and there you have it.

3. Design: Should I use one of the ready-made options or design my own? Then I remembered, I’m not an artist. Or a designer. Or talented in that kind of way AT ALL, so that option was a pretty easy decision.

4. Whether or not to use my real name.

5. Whether or not to use my kids’ real names.

6. Whether or not to use my husband’s real name.

7. Whether or not to use my secret husband and secret kids’ real names (THAT could really lead to some sticky situations, am I right?) 

I’m still debating those last few things. So for now, why don’t you just refer to me as “My Queen.” Will that work? And let’s see, the kids… what should we call them? Initials? CB, DJ, and GT? Or something more appropriate like Loud Girl, Fresh Boy and The One Who Hits Every Milestone Three Months Late? How about NatureGirl, CarsDude and He Who Eats Everything? Maybe I’ll keep thinking about that.

Before I go, I thought I’d share some of the other options I considered for the domain name:

  • – If you go there now, it says: “Unique, Original and Always Fabulous! Coming Soon.” So of course, my first thought was “Aw, that’s so nice that someone reserved this domain for me! And then I realized that no one I know would use such redundant, repetitive adjectives. Duh.
  • KrissyMacsRules (VERY different that KrissyMacRules, which was also an option)

*Somewhere along the way, I stumbled on a website called Is that awesome or WHAT??

At this point, I decided to take the focus off of me and put it back on my life and came up with the following:


Switched gears for a moment…


Then I got thirsty and drank a bunch of Margs (rock, salt), so keep that in mind when reading the rest of this list.

  • WhosCrazy.Me
  • WhoIsLosingIt.Me
  • Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

(That’s when I fell asleep.)

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  1. Please get started on the post about selling Girl Scout cookies STAT, as I need ideas. Btw, I am getting “WhatWouldCuervoDo” tattooed on my forearm.

    • Jodi, I like that. None of that “hidden on the side of my foot where only I’ll know it’s there” BS for you. On your forearm, for all the world to see. Although, if you’re considering future employment, maybe you should consider “WWCD” instead?

  2. Good thing you didn’t go with MacAttack b/c you definitely would have attracted the wrong crowd with that one. Just imagine all the angry comments left by outraged Save By The Bell fans who came a’knocking in search of there favorite videos from the good ole Zack Attack days. Ahhh….good times. Wait? What? I didn’t say that. SBTB fans are crazy! And losers. I am not a SBTB fan!

    Yes I am.

    Kudos for going with “Who Needs A Nap” though. Rhetorical? YES. Fantastic? ABSOLUTELY!

  3. Now that is the way to start off the new year! Welcome back!! Great name–but Cult of Mac–can you steal that name from whoever has it? Just think of the beverages that cult would serve! Already looking forward to the next post.

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