20+ Questions (I mean… Answers)


Dear Kids,

I love you guys. I do. I really do. I really, really do.


You have GOT to STOP asking the SAME questions OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER… again.

From this point on, please refer to this list of answers when you feel compelled to utter one of your redundant inquiries.

The answers are all right here:

  • No, you may not get a turtle.
  • No, not even if you use your own money.
  • Yes, I DO actually think I am a “crazy head.”
  • No, I do NOT think I am a “crazy head monster mommy poopy pants.”
  • No, you may not have MORE ice cream or cookies.
  • Sure, you can sit on my lap.
  • No, you can’t wear shorts. Because, well, SNOW.
  • Yes, you can wear short-sleeves. Because, well, I’m tired of the saying no.
  • I am 43 years old.
  • I am still 43 years old.
  • Yes, I know how old you are.
  • Nope, you may not have a lizard either.
  • Nope, I am definitely not a huge fan of reptiles.
  • Yes, you have to take the bus today.
  • No, I don’t think a Furby Army would be cool. Because those noises are actually the official Worse Noises in the World.
  • Sure, we can have a dance party.
  • Sure, we can play Uptown Funk. Again.
  • No, I’m not sure what “… funk you up” means.
  • Yes, you have to taste everything on your plate.
  • Yes, even that gross stuff.
  • Yes, you can play on the computer.
  • Yes, you can watch the iPad.
  • Yes, you can play Wii.
  • No, you cannot have five more minutes of screen time. Because you already had a million minutes. 
  • Sure you can sit on my lap but no, I don’t need you to hold my book.
  • Yes, I do love Christmas.
  • No, it is not soon.
  • No, we cannot hang the Christmas Elves up today.
  • No, you don’t have a fever. Only your brother has a fever.
  • No, you don’t have a fever. Only your brother has a fever.
  • No, you can’t stay home from school with him.
  • No, I don’t think he’ll be too lonely without you.
  • No, I did not know that turtles are hypoallergenic.
  • Yes, I can spell that for you.
  • Yes, I will read you that book.
  • No, I will not carry you… everywhere.
  • Sure, you can sit on my lap, but no you may not type my emails for me.
  • Yes, my mom is in heaven.
  • No, I do not know what heaven looks like; I have never been there.
  • Yes, I imagine there are [insert awesome things here] in heaven.
  • Yes, I do miss my mom.
  • No, we can’t visit her and eat ice cream with her.
  • No, we can’t use birds to send her a message. But I love that idea.
  • Yes, I am still 43 years. Although <sigh> I feel a lot older sometimes.

Love you all to the moon and back a million times, or as Happy Dude says, “… the last number of times.” 


On second thought, he probably does get lonely without you.

On second thought, he probably does get lonely without you.

Shhh! Klos ur maf.


This is not a traditional post, but if my goal for this blog is to document occasions that I may otherwise forget, I think some recent “work” done by my boys is worth preserving right here.

First, the Nibbit came home with this masterpiece the other day – an assignment on sequential writing. I’m hoping, based on his spelling, that it’s actually been sitting in his backpack since September but that may be wishful thinking.

OK, take a look (you’ll notice I provided some translation where I thought necessary):



There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t even know where to start!

But I’ll try.

1. The idea that any of my children would write instructional test on “How to Be Quiet” is laughable at best. Also hypocritical and delusional.
2. He’s not even consistent in his butchering of the spelling of “mouth.” First it’s “maf,” then it switches to “malf,” and finally, in the oh-so-critical step 4, it’s back to “maf.”
4. Where exactly does he think the fingers go when one says, “Shhh????” Is that an attempt to say “under your malf?” WHO CAN TELL? (Not him. I asked.)
5. And last but most definitely not least, if you actually followed these directions on “How to Be Qwiyit” through to the end, YOU WOULD FAIL. Because he concludes with OPEN YOUR MOUTH. This possibly explains why my house is SO FREAKIN’ NOISY all the time.

I’m not going to lie; I’m a bit worried.

Second, there’s this. This is one of my many “birthday cards” from Happy Dude, who ALWAYS tells it like it is:



Seven Week Recap


Where have you been?? Do you think you can just walk away from this blog without any notice or explanation?

OK, I forgive you. Let’s catch up.

Here’s a brief recap of what’s been going on with us since early January, here’s our past seven weeks in a school-safe, nut-free-shell.

  • All three of the kids continue to do basketball clinics on Sundays. Let’s just say that some of them have minimal natural-born coordination but make up for it with their enthusiasm. Some of them think they’re a tiny bit better than they really are. And some of them just spend the whole time spinning in circles and saying, “Woah, woah, I’m dizzy!”
  • The temperature dropped and it snowed. The kids had a snow day on a Monday.
  • In some kind of warped, alternate universe, the Nibbit had a birthday party at an art studio where he got to be dreamy and creative and the Loud One had a party at a Parkour place where she got to hurl herself off, over and around things ON THE SAME DAY. They talked about switching places, but I explain to them that they are not the Parent Trap twins and would not be able to get away with that.
  • Then, it was Martin Luther King, Jr Day and the kids had a day off on a Monday.
  • We moved our new Wii up to the playroom and we didn’t see the Nibbit for three days. I THINK he went to school but I can’t be sure.
  • Weekend: basketball, birthday parties.
  • We saw the WEIRDEST kids’ movie ever made, aptly called Strange Magic. It had fairies and princes and gnomes and Kristen Chenowith and greatest hits from the 60s and 70s and maybe a little bit of racism, but I’m not 100% sure about that.
  • It snowed again and the kids had a half-snow-day on a Monday.
  • The kids continue their ice skating lessons (which we had to call “hockey skating” to convince the Nib to do it) and every week we go to a nearby restaurant afterwards for dinner, where we convince ourselves that Brussel Sprouts made with tons of bacon and something sweet are still quite healthy. Spoiler alert: they’re not.
  • Parenthood ended. I’m still very, very sad.
  • KJ and I attempted to recreate a bit of our youth by going to see Dave Mason (Traffic) in concert. It was terrible and a rude reminder that usually staying home and watching Walking Dead (him) or Nashville (me) is more fun than trying to recreate our youth.
  • Weekend: basketball, birthday parties.
  • It snowed again and the kids had another effing snow day on a Monday.
  • KJ spent three days in Chicago and Happy Dude took that opportunity to get a stomach bug and throw up all over the hallway at 3:00am that night. He was feeling better and back to sleep by 4:00 but I, of course, stayed wide awake just waiting for the vomiting to begin again.
    • Side note: A kid’s first stomach bug is always super fun, right? I remember when the Nibbit threw up for the first time – Exorcist-style, spinning 360° and splattering every square inch of his bedroom carpet and most of the furniture – he just kept screaming, “WHAT. IS. HAPPENING????” HD was more subdued… he just quietly whimpered, “I’m sick and I don’t like this.” And I was all, “You don’t say? And me neither.”
  • Weekend: basketball, birthday parties.
  • It snowed again and the kids had a snow day on a Monday.
  • Then we spent the last week in Florida with my family. The kids went roller skating, skateboarding, rode a bucking shark, learned how to be circus performers, had a scavenger hunt, raced go carts, watched a real-life circus performance, built and launched the “Dozen Cousins” lemonade stand, got their faces painted, swam, played a lot of Minecraft, biked and played a LOT basketball.



  • I read two books.
  • We came home. It snowed. And they didn’t have school on Monday. (I’m cheating on that one… it was staff development day.) 


  • Which brings us to today… back to the cold, back to school, back to routine and maybe… just maybe… they’ll have a full five-day school week next week.

What’s up with you?


Some Weeks, You Just Need a Straw


Let me tell you about my week. I think you’ll really, really like it. In a mean-spirited, evil kind of way.

So the Loud One stepped on a fire ant mound (hive? nest?) last week in Florida and was bitten all over her feet. On Monday, her feet swelled up and became very red, hot and painful.

A visit to the doctor confirmed that she was having an Acute Delayed Allergic Reaction to the bites and was to be treated with massive amounts of antihistamines.

We got it under control on Wednesday, just in time to find out that we had lice.

Yup, lice. All those jokes I’ve made coming back to bite me in the … well, scalp.

We were literally dealing with bugs from head to toe.

(I have been waiting all week to make that joke in a semi-public forum.)

Treatment, laundry, combing, laundry, yada yada yada. Now granted, lice is not as big a deal the SECOND time around, but it still sucks.

So we’ve alternated between chugging Zyrtec or Benadryl while applying mass amounts of Cortisone to open wounds and shampooing/combing/oiling for the past few days. It’s been super fun.

This afternoon, the Nibbit poked himself in the eye with a pencil (eraser-side, thank GOD) and cried. A lot.

I thought we could cheer everyone up by going to Aunt Lori’s for dinner but HD ended up having a massive meltdown over broccoli.

So while LO and I enjoyed a delicious homemade dinner, the Nibbit nursed his eyeball wound on the couch and HD continued to writhe on the floor. BEST DINNER GUESTS EVER!

I had to carry HD to the car kicking and screaming – literally – and then had to ask LO to physically hold him back while I locked him inside the minivan. (Not my proudest parenting moment, but I truly believe there were no other options. I had to get those kids home and to bed asap so that this week CAN DIE.)

HD refused to sit in his seat so I drove the 1/4 mile home with him standing in the back. Do. Not. Judge. Me. (Or do… whatever… I’ll never know.)

The entire time we were driving (2-3 minutes), all three of them were SCREAMING on the top of their lungs:




We made it home safely, I gave HD a yogurt AFTER he apologized to all of us and they all went to bed at 7:15. I’m drinking now.

Did I mention KJ has been in Miami all week?

(He’s working, thank GOD because if he was on vacation, I’d have to actually kill him when he got home tonight. This way, his life is spared so he can wake up with the kids tomorrow and I can spend the whole day somewhere where my kids are not.)

So that’s been the week.

Why do I tell you these things?

Because I’m a giver.

And a drinker. Tonight, I’m also a drinker.


Christmas List 2014


Happy Holidays!

As the year ends, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to you readers that read each post, comment on the blog, on Facebook, via email or in-person. I love hearing from you because it’s nice to know that we’re all in this thing together.

I’ve said this before but I mostly write this blog as a way of journaling these *magical* (ahem) years with our young kids. But having you guys say things like, “THIS EXACT THING HAPPENS IN MY HOUSE!” or “YES! I hate when my kids do that, too!” and especially, “You made me laugh today,” makes it so much better. So, thank you.

Also, some people have asked me what my goals are for the blog. The answer is, I don’t have any. I don’t have any long-term plans for this blog; no burning desire to build readership or promote the brand or attract advertisers. NONE. In fact, I pay a small annual fee to keep ads OFF of this page because that would be annoying. I do look at the “site reports” but mostly because I’m fascinated by all the numbers and math and statistics that I don’t understand at all. (Sorry, Tom.)

So, as long as my kids continue to inspire me to write (and I hope they do… sort of?), I hope you will continue to read.

Pretty sure these guys still have plenty of inspiration material in them

Pretty sure these guys still have plenty of inspiration material in them.

And on the note of things I’m hoping for, here is this year’s Grown-Up Christmas List.

Dear Santa…

I think you’re AMAZING. The way you maintain your weight (albeit elevated) despite all those cookies? Super impressive.

We all know you’re pure magic, so I’m hoping you can deliver the following this year:

  • A lice-free existence. (I know this one tops all Moms’ lists, so if you could just banish the whole damn gross lice ordeal, that’d be great.)
  • A year without infections both viral and bacterial, including but not limited to, stomach and bronchial.
  • Math I can handle. (Too hard? I understand.)
  • A cure for “bumpy clothing hurts” syndrome. And I don’t mean 12 sessions with an Occupational Therapist; I mean, like a pill.
  • You know how cabinet-makers invented those drawers that don’t slam shut because they automatically slow down right before they close? I wish for door makers to do the same.
  • An emoji that shows a mom pulling her hair out… how does this not exist yet?
  • No more cilantro anywhere. Ever.
  • To never hear “UNFAIR!” again
  • A sarcasm font (this is not so much a want as it’s a need… I simply can’t communicate well without it.)
  • Bring back Fraggle Rock! Bring back Fraggle Rock!
  • Some basic winter courtesy:
    • No more than three big storms; no more than four inches at a time.
    • The last storm should be no later than Valentine’s Day and I’m going to need clear skies for my vacation travel.
    • After February, temperatures should start to rise (and stay) above freezing.
    • I’ll agree to a jacket throughout early March, but I want to be wearing a light fleece (or a vest would be OK, but I don’t own one… you need to know what works for you and I’m just not a vest kind of girl) by the end of the month.
    • Spring should arrive by April 1 and not a minute later.
  • An end to Happy Dude’s obsession with the word “eyeballs.” It’s inexplicable and really weird and I’d like it to stop.
  • A cure to my kids’ peanut allergies because I would like to start making my world not-really-at-all famous Peanut Butter Balls.
  • Continued good luck that no one has broken a bone playing wrestle baby
    • More wood to knock on because I insist on stupidly saying stuff like that out loud
  • HD embracing a full-night’s sleep in his own bed. Every night. (Rollover item. This one just keeps reappearing every year.)
  • Lastly, I don’t want to nag but I’m still waiting on that hangover-free Margarita I requested in 2012.

Thanks in advance Santa,
xoxo, kmac

Happy New Year everyone … see you in 2015!


“Why is there so much dancing?”


Here’s a play-by-play account of how our big day in New York City played out…

8:00 am – Everyone’s in their fanciest clothes. And by fanciest, I mean, most comfortable. I do NOT want to hear “these sleeve bumps are bothering me!” all day. So they are dressed. Period. Not exactly dressed for a Christmas Spectacular at Radio City but I’m not fighting that battle.

8:15 – Shit. I got a paper cut on my texting finger. How am I going to be able to text for help when I lose one of my kids in Rockefeller Center?!?

8:25 – Grab my bag* and we’re out the door.

*Contents of my bag: Z-bars, applesauce pouches, Goldfish, M&Ms, lollipops, one iPad, one DS video game, two books, water bottles, tissues, baby wipes, Epi-pen/Benadryl, change of underwear for one kid, change in socks for another kid and a giant jar of Advil for me.

 And at the last minute, I also remembered our tickets.

8:30 – Aunt Lori drives us to the train station. Says something to the effect of “Wish I was going with you!” I THINK I hear her mutter “sucker” under her breath but I could be wrong.

8:45 – Wait for the train. They’re listening AND super excited. It’s the high point of the day. Kidding! Not really.


9:00 – Get on the train. It’s packed. A nice woman gives up her seat and moves her bags so the four of us can sit. I see extreme pity in her eyes. I’ll take it.

I just realized RIGHT NOW that I bought a ticket for my 4-year old, who rides free. Grrrr….

I just realized RIGHT NOW that I bought a ticket for my 4-year old, who rides free. Grrrr….

10:00 – 82 rounds of “I Spy” and “Who Am I?” later, we arrive at Grand Central. After having nightmares about losing a kid all night last night, I make them all hold onto me somehow… two hands and a coat-tail.* We are absolutely the most annoying people on the city sidewalks today… a group of four, side-by-side, sort of shuffling because I’m making them all hold onto me, while they stare up at the “super tall buildings!”, stopping randomly to ask about the random puddles of mystery fluid on the sidewalk. The New Yorkers LOVE us.

*I also tried to make them all wear bracelets with my phone number but only the Nibbit would agree. Happy Dude wore his for a whole minute before declaring “This is SO annoyin’ and it’s frustratin’ me.” So I put it in his pocket. Loud One ripped it off two seconds after I put it on and said, “That’s bothering me; I’m not wearing it.” I MIGHT have said, “Fine, if you get lost in a huge Rockefeller Center crowd, don’t come crying to me.”

10:10 – We exit Grand Central and bump into my cousin Meagan, which is a pleasant surprise. Is it wrong that I feel extremely jealous that she is going to work? Alone?

10:15 – I had planned to walk to Radio City but that plan got vetoed so we get in a cab. No functioning seatbelts and an extremely chatty driver who also has two boys and a girl and does NOT recommend bringing them all to Radio City to see the Christmas Spectacular because it’s so crowded and not really worth the money = good times!

10:35 – We arrive at Radio City, take the requisite “Pose like a Ninja in front of giant Nutcracker across the street” shot and head in.IMG_7134

10:45 – The plan is: bathroom, snacks, seats. The reality is: not QUITE the same as the plan. As we approach the bathroom, we see the line winds all the way around Central Park and back. [Slight exagg. Whatever.] I’ve got Loud One whining, “Are we going to miss the show?” I’ve got the Nibbit saying, “I can go to the boy’s room by myself! I won’t look at anyone!” And I’ve got the Nibbit saying, “I weally weally weally have to go RIGHT NOW!”

So we leave the six-mile line and walk straight into the Men’s Lounge. I sit LO on a chair and say, “Close your eyes and don’t talk to ANYONE” before racing the boys straight to the stalls while yelling, “So sorry! My sons really had to go! Girls line too long! Not looking, I swear!”


11:00 – Showtime! Lights dim! Music starts! Santa appears! Rockettes kick! Magical things happen! JAAAAZZZZZ HAAAANNNDDDS!

11:15 – Nibbit: When is lunch?

11:30 – HD: I want to go home now.

11:40 – Nibbit: There’s SO MUCH dancing. WHY is there so much dancing?

12:00 – HD: I’m really ready to go home now.


12:30pm – Show ends.

Me: Did you guys love it??

Loud One: YES!!!

Nibbit: No. I did NOT like it.

HD: I did not like it either. I liked the camel and the sheeps and the donkeys and the Santas but I did not like the rest like when it snowed and all those girls were dancing all the time.

Nibbit: Me too.

OK then.

1:00 – Lunchtime! While we waited for our food, we played the “Guess what I’m drawing game” and this happened:

I’m not sure what exactly he’s drawing.


I asked them, “Do you guys want to go see this show again next year?”

LO: YES!!!

Nibbit: No.

HD: I want to stay home with the Nibbit.

HD may have been a little tired.

I tried telling them that this was the big tree I was telling them about but they didn’t buy it.IMG_7144
So we went to see the REAL big tree.

I thought I got the perfect picture until I checked it and saw that it looks like HD had been cut out of a picture taken at a scary movie on a really sunny day and Photoshopped into this picture. I have NO idea how this happened and I’m sure I could never make it happen again.


I tried again and got this “perfect” picture.


So, it turns out, I was wrong when I said, “It will either be a great day or a great blog post!” because neither was true. In fact, I’d say that the whole experience was … fine.

Just like this post.

PS. This happened on the way home so it should be a nice, late night tonight.








Gratitude 2014




I’m writing this in the wee hours partially because I had a big mug of coffee ice cream at 9:30pm, so I’m wide awake and partially because I’ve been trying to write a post for about 17 days and am determined to finish this one before we leave for New Jersey later this morning. (Mostly because of the coffee ice cream.)

Earlier today, the Loud One told me that she LOVES Thanksgiving because there’s so much good food. And by that, she means crescent rolls and pie.

I told her that while she is not alone in thinking about Thanksgiving as a food-centric holiday, it’s really important to remember that this day is about gratitude; you know, giving thanks. She said, “Right. I’m thankful for my family,” and I said, “That’s great! I’m thankful for coffee.” She said, “You can’t say that!” and I said, “You’re right… I SHOULD have said that I’m thankful for the creamer that goes in my coffee because without that, the coffee tastes like… bad.

It goes without saying that I’m extremely thankful for my family – immediate, extended and in-law’ed. I hit the lottery on all three accounts and man, do I know it. I also have several friends that I know would drop their coffee/wine/desert to help me out if I needed it. (You all know who you are and which choice belongs to you… ) I’m truly [hashtag] blessed.


It’s also the little things.

So with that in mind… I give you my Gratitude List for 2014. Randomly selected and in no particular order, here are the things that I’m thankful for right now.

The Thanksgiving Day parade
It starts in less than eight hours and I CAN’T WAIT. I love seeing Matt Lauer and Al Roker and [insert female host here] in their festive winter garb – red scarves and Irish sweaters – making small talk about those talented Spirit of America dancers and about Snoopy’s tenure in the parade (36 years!). I love the odd pairings on the floats like Carrie Underwood singing with the Pilgrims, KISS hanging with the Sesame Street gang and Meghan Trainor following the Pillsbury Dough Boy.* I love predicting what the annual controversy will be – another ill-placed Victoria’s Secret ad? Or maybe a performance by the cast of Kinky Boots? I love it all. I really hope Jimmy Fallon and The Roots sing “We Will Rock You” again this year because that really spoke to my soul in 2012. *These are all real, scheduled balloons and musical acts this year, although I did make up the combinations. 

Anne Lamott 
After finishing Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers a couple of months ago, I became fairly interested obsessed with Anne Lamott and now I can’t stop reading her words. ALL OF HER WORDS. I think many of her sentences are like tiny works of art and I feel like I’m becoming a slightly better person just by paying attention to her. I also feel insanely jealous of her talent, so maybe I’m not THAT much better yet.

Given it’s the day of thanks, you can start with this: Counting Our Blessings: Why We Say Grace.

The Mindy Show/Parenthood/The Shonda Rhimes Thursday Night Line-Up
Yup, I’m thankful for TV. Look, I have to fold a lot of laundry. I can either do it in sad, boring silence OR I can watch Scott Foley sit in a hole with no shirt on (Scandal reference). Seems like a pretty obvious choice to me.

Also, Mindy Kaling is FUNNY and Parenthood makes me cry. For the whole hour. Every week. It’s like therapy.

*I could be grateful for technology in general, as it allows me to waste countless hours each day on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but since I simply cannot grasp the concept of tumblr or reddit, I’m going to just stick to TV.

Odd-shaped bookmarks

Originality? Ummm...

Is it a tree? Or…

The fact that I don’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner
I feel really lucky to not be responsible for a turkey or the majority of the Thanksgiving Day meal (thanks Keith and Colleen!) because all I know is that I made this one dish today and it took me almost two hours and I used EVERY pan and bowl in the kitchen.

I shared this conversation I had with the Nibbit on Facebook but it’s worth copying and pasting here:

Nib: Mr. S told us…
Me: Wait, who’s Mr. S?
Nib: He’s the teacher who comes in to teach us about healthy… ness.
Me: OH, cool.
Nib: Yeah, Mr. S told us that when we exercise – you know Mom, like run or jump – there’s a dance party in our heart.


Also, I spent two hours with the Loud One crying over long division the other day and that was about all I can handle. Her teacher handles THAT – multiplied by 21 more kids – many more hours each day. And then she still puts smiley faces on her emails home!

The Nibbit’s Kindergarten teacher creates and sends out a video/slide show every month with pictures she’s taken of the kids during the previous weeks. It has MUSIC! And that’s in addition to doing the usual humdrum things like teaching our kids to READ and WRITE and SHARE and BE KIND and KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF. Unbelievable!

And our preschool teachers? Well, they’ve been heroic since I met them seven years ago. It’s going to be really awkward when I keep showing up there next fall even though I won’t have any kids enrolled. Co-op, consider yourself warned.

I am really thankful that these educators spend each day with our kids and teach them an ungodly amount of stuff. Because Lord knows, I could not do that on my own. I’m serious, the Lord really knows that. That’s why whenever I read stories about impressive homeschoolers, I hear a little voice that says, “That could NEVER be you. Put the kids on the bus and let those wonderful professionals do their thing.”

It’s fun. That’s all.

The Backyardigans
They may be retired, but HD is still obsessed and they bring him a lot of joy. Although, today he asked for “the Backyardigans’ Mom’s and Dad’s houses” for Christmas… I am not sure how Santa is going to pull that one off.


Roasted Vegetables
I arrived late to the “if you roast vegetables to a crisp, they taste better and your children will eat them” party but believe me, I am here now! My friend Smitty calls it the “carcinogenic sauté” which I’ll admit, does not make me feel like Mother of the Year, but hey, they’re eating vegetables!

Humans of New York 
Restoring my faith in humanity one post at a time, Brandon Stanton is proving the point that “Everyone has a story that will stop your heart” (Claudia Shear). Plus, it’s the ONLY place on the Internet where it’s safe to read the comments.

Last and most definitely not least and not really so “little” …

The good health of my children (knocking so much wood)
Last week, my boys were sick. The Nibbit started dragging on Sunday morning and by Monday he was down for the count. It was a bacterial bronchial infection according to the Urgent Care doctor, which is code for “nothing you can do about it.”

So we just sat. Rather, I sat and he slept on me. His skin was so hot that I had to put a blanket under his face so it wouldn’t heat my blood to a boil. Basically, for two days, we were on the couch. He was so sick, he couldn’t even be nibbity. That was distressing. (and maybe a tiny bit nice.) 


Tuesday night at midnight, I was giving him a routine dose of Tylenol when I heard a sound come from HD’s room that scared me like a stranger in the dark. I ran in there to find him coughing and desperately trying to get a deep breath and failing. Croup. Channeling my inner-Debra Winger, I took him into the steamy shower and we basically alternated hours in the shower with hours of this:


And then the next day, we all looked like this:


Of course, they got better and by the fourth day, they were JUST sick enough to justify sippy cups of juice on the couch.


Thank God they recovered. I do, thank God. I don’t take their normal, noisy, active, crazy little selves for granted; I know how lucky we have been.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Make happy memories today and count your blessings.  

Here are four of mine.

Here are four of mine.

PS. I’m also grateful for coffee ice cream because it helped me stay awake to finally finish this post. Also, because it’s delicious.